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Chapter159 - Gu Yue's Decision

Gu Yue’s eyes were blank. Wu Zhangkong glanced at her, not particularly surprised at her expression. “Gu Yue, your opponent was the Spirit Pagoda’s founder, the Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao back when he only possessed two soul rings.”

“So you three shouldn’t be discouraged. You were defeated by powerful legends after all. If you do well in the Hall of Heroes and keep rising up, you might even get the chance to battle the original Shrek Seven Monsters one day.”

Tang Wulin subconsciously swallowed at these unbelievable words. He didn’t even need to think about his answer and directly shouted out, “I want to join!”

Having heard the tales of the legendary Tang Sect since childhood, one could only imagine his burning desire to join the organization. These stories, however, weren’t the main reason behind his willingness to join—it was his idol, the founder of the Tang Sect who possessed the same martial soul as him! Any previous doubts he held towards joining Wu Zhangkong’s organization were blown away after hearing that it was the Tang Sect.

Xie Xie came to a similar conclusion after a moment of hesitation. “I want to join too.”

Wu Zhangkong cautioned them, “You don’t need to decide so quickly. You can go home and ask your family first.”

Xie Xie shook his head. “There’s no need. I don’t want to miss out on such an opportunity. Teacher Wu, I will join. I’m sure I can convince my family too.”

Tang Wulin’s and Xie Xie’s gazes drifted to Gu Yue. Neither of them knew whether she would join or not, but it was indisputable that her performance was the best out of all of them today.

In reality, their only requirement was to pass the first trial of the medium level to be eligible for membership. The trials after that were to push them to their limits.

“I’m sorry, Teacher Wu. Wulin, Xie Xie, I won’t join,” Gu Yue said with utmost calm. There wasn’t a single shred of regret in the depths of her eyes, as if she was only dealing with a mundane matter.

“Huh, why?” Xie Xie and Tang Wulin asked in unison.

Gu Yue simply shook her head. “There’s already another organization that I want to join, so I can’t join the Tang Sect.”

Tang Wulin wanted to say something, but Wu Zhangkong cut him off. “That’s fine. Everyone has their own ambitions, so it’s fine as long as you have thought things through properly. Gu Yue, you’re very talented and would be able to shine no matter where you go in the future. With this being the case, I’ll make some other arrangements for the combat component of your education.”

“Thank you, Teacher Wu.” Gu Yue curtly nodded.

Still in disbelief, Tang Wulin approached Gu Yue. “But Gu Yue, it’s the Tang Sect! The Tang Sect that has traditions from 20,000 years ago and countless mysteries!”

There was a slight change in Gu Yue’s expression, but her mind was firm. She shook her head once more at Tang Wulin’s words. “I’m sorry Wulin. I had already d

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