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Chapter125 - Hundred Year Demon Spider and Thousand Year Soul Beast

A Man-Faced Demon Spider. This was the soul beast hunting Man-Faced Demon Spider! It was considered a powerful top-tier soul beast. Even at the hundred year level, it could contend with thousand year soul beasts on equal footing.

Wang Jinxi threw himself away from it without the slightest hesitation. Even if he’d been in good condition, it was impossible for him to win against such a powerful opponent. With his weakened strength and spent soul power, his only choice was to flee for his life.


Wang Jinxi’s whole body tensed as he felt something coiling around his body. Despite his enormous strength, he was unable to break free.

Even if he wanted to, it was now impossible for him to press the emergency exit button.

A ‘xixisuosuo’ sound emerged from the cold forest. In the next moment, Wang Jinxi felt a sharp pain before his body turned numb and cold from the inside out.

The Spirit Pagoda staff member urgently ordered, “Prepare for emergency treatment.”

Wang Jinxi’s body was shivering when the metal box slid out. The affliction didn’t stop even after the electrodes were pulled off him.

A dozen staff members dressed in white rushed over to him in a flash. One of them took out a needle and stabbed it into Wang Jinxi’s neck, delivering its contents into his bloodstream.

“Is it that Man-Faced Demon Spider again?”

“Yes! That thing is so violent. It didn’t even give this child a chance to press the button. Ah, this child’s luck is truly terrible.”

Wu Zhangkong and Long Hengxu calmly watched on as the white-clothed people busily moved to do their work.

After no less than ten minutes, the leader of the white-clothed group heaved a sigh of relief. “Not bad. This child’s willpower is very strong and he shouldn’t have any problems now. Just let him rest for a while and he’ll wake up.”

Finished with his explanation, the man left with the rest of the people in white. The scene returned to normal, as if nothing had even happened.

Zhang Yangzi had been flabbergasted since the moment the people in white came in. Wha, what’s going on?

“Teacher Wu, Director Long, is Jinxi okay? Isn’t the spirit ascension platform a virtual place? How did he end up like this…” Zhang Yangzi’s words trailed off as he glanced at Wang Jinxi’s pale face, his previous excitement now replaced by fear.

The staff member said, “I have already told you; although the spirit ascension platform is virtual, it still contains a degree of reality. Everything you sense inside of there would be just as if you were feeling it in reality. So if you’re harmed inside, then you will still feel all of the pain. For example, if you had been sliced into a corpse by the wind blades of those big green birds, then you would also feel the exact same sensations as a corpse. The sensations would be exceedingly real and would attack your mind.

“Simply s

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