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Chapter109 - Class Zero is Established!

Long Hengxu continued, “In light of the new class one’s outstanding achievements in this tournament, the entire class will be rewarded with one meal a day from the first window for one term.”

After hearing these words, the previous discontent murmuring turned into cheering. What was the first window? It served the most nourishing food! Without even speaking of the taste, it had the most benefits to their cultivation but was extremely expensive. Most families couldn’t afford to feed their children a meal from the first window. One term’s worth of meals from the first window was worth an extraordinary sum of money!

Right now, as the teacher in charge of class two, Ye Yingluo’s face grew even gloomier at those words. Clearly, she wasn’t happy with these developments.

Long Hengxu shouted, “Quiet down!”

It was only then that the cheering gradually subsided.

Long Hengxu resumed. “Due to the excellence of this year’s first grade, the board of directors has decided to conduct a study. We are establishing an experimental class in the first grade that will be comprised of the best students in the grade. It will temporarily be called class zero, and Wu Zhangkong will be the teacher in charge. The students for class zero have already been selected. From class one, we have Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Gu Yue. From class two, we have Zhang Yangzi, Wang Jinxi, and Wei Xiaofeng. In the future, any other student who shows exceptional ability will also be put into class zero.”

Class zero?

What the hell is this?

All of the students assembled were in a daze. In all of Eastsea Academy’s history, there had never been a class zero! Moreover, what did having Wu Zhangkong as the teacher in charge mean?

Tang Wulin’s trio was startled, while Wang Jinxi and Wei Xiaofeng had similar reactions on the other side. In an almost synchronized motion, the two of them looked towards Tang Wulin’s trio.

Wei Xiaofeng’s expression was brimming with loathing and enmity, while Wang Jinxi’s gaze was focused solely on Tang Wulin as he made a complicated face.

Wu Zhangkong was expressionless as usual, but in reality he had already been notified by the board of directors last night after they decided on approving the plan.

Long Hengxu said, “Aside from these two announcements, there are still punishments to be announced. In the match yesterday between class one and class two, both sides prioritized their comrades first and the competition second, which led to three students being seriously injured. This has raised a serious concern with the six participants. As such, they will be deprived of the tournament rewards as a punishment and warning to others.”

Deprived of their reward? It would seem that for this grade’s Class Promotion Tournament, even if they’d won, there would be no rewards. Their class would only be promoted!

Long Hengxu had said these words harshly, but in reality this

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