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Chapter113 - Test

Tang Wulin was quite miserable. As one of the two who received no injuries as well as being a male, he had been used as a living teaching example by Wu Zhangkong. With him as the opponent, Wu Zhangkong continuously used him to demonstrate combat techniques and important topics to the other students. Tang Wulin was knocked down time and time again by the teacher’s pointing stick.

He felt that this was Teacher Wu’s revenge for him being late to the match. But even so, this type of training was effective as it was clear just how quickly Tang Wulin was improving. This was the so-called, ‘pain and joy’.

News of class zero’s establishment quickly spread throughout the academy, turning its five students into celebrities in an instant. Naturally, they couldn’t reveal what they were doing in class, so the curiosity of others died down after a few days and the academy returned to its usual tranquility.

As their only teacher, Wu Zhangkong provided them with plenty of guidance. Their curriculum required that they study different theories from those of regular classes and become more inclined toward combat training. And just as President Yu Zhen promised, the academy poured a tremendous amount of resources into the class. Regardless of whether it were the teaching methods, nourishing food, teachers, or facilities, all were provided and of the highest quality.

Ten days later, Tang Wulin was no longer the only one being beaten up by Wu Zhangkong’s pointing stick. Xie Xie, Zhang Yangzi, and Wang Jinxi had all recovered and could now join Tang Wulin in being beaten up for combat training. Ever since their recovery, inhuman cries of pain would constantly ring out from class zero.

They had rejoiced in Tang Wulin’s misfortune when they were still bystanders that were watching him being beaten up, but after experiencing the painful strikes of the pointing stick for themselves, they had gained a thorough understand of what pain truly was.

Wang Jinxi fared a bit better than the others as his Bone Dragon King made his body much stronger. But for Zhang Yangzi and Xie Xie… they were definitely suffering. Zhang Yangzi was an Agility-Control System Soul Master and Xie Xie was a pure Agility System Soul Master so both of their bodies were suited for nimbleness and couldn’t compare in toughness with Tang Wulin or Wang Jinxi.

From the very beginning, Wu Zhangkong didn’t even know the concept of ‘starting off leniently’. Instead, each strike of his pointing stick would create a pain that penetrated all the way to their bone marrow! Yet, despite this unfathomable pain they were subjected to, they didn’t suffer any real injuries.

In Wu Zhangkong’s words: ‘Only pain can deepen your learning!’

The only one who was fortunate enough to be spared was Gu Yue. Perhaps it was because she was a girl, but Wu Zhangkong reined in a bit of his harshness when he taught her. Even when the occasional pointer struck, it only made

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