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Chapter115 - Martial Soul Awakening?

Wang Jinxi was overwhelmed with shock. He knew that under the suppression of Tang Wulin’s tyrannical aura, he could only exert, at most, half of his strength. And even if he wasn’t opposing Tang Wulin, the suppression he felt was still too much.

Tang Wulin’s hands began to grow, his joints becoming thick and solid as his hand transformed into the Golden Dragon Claw.

That dazzling Golden Dragon Claw was covered in fragmented scales while the three inch claws were as smooth and glossy as a mirror.

Honglong, kacha!

A number flashed on the screen, but not a moment later, the place on the machine where Tang Wulin had punched it exploded into bits of metal fragments, leaving only a hole behind.

This was the effect of the Golden Dragon Claw’s ‘crushing.’

It really did break…

Then just how strong was he?

Having just witnessed Tang Wulin absolutely destroy the strength testing machine, the four students were completely in shock and couldn’t even recall the number that had briefly flashed on the screen.

Only Wu Zhangkong had been able to catch the number.

He recorded it into his book, silently writing down ‘3998 kilograms’.

Even the steady and ice-cold Wu Zhangkong couldn’t help but swallow a gulp of saliva somewhat uncomfortably.

Zhang Yangzi felt his legs ache, but at the same time, he no longer felt that the condition his legs were in was that bad anymore. If he didn’t have the defensive powers of a soul fusion skill at that time, he feared that he wouldn’t have gotten off so lightly with only broken legs.

I don’t want revenge against this guy anymore. At that moment, Zhang Yangzi only had this thought filling his grieving heart.

Wang Jinxi was simply at a loss for words as he stood there in shock. His expression gradually returned to normal, but a slight trembling in his hands could still be seen.

“Next, reaction speed test.”

Just as expected, Xie Xie had the best reaction speed. What was surprising, however, was that it wasn’t Zhang Yangzi in second place, but Tang Wulin. Following Tang Wulin in third place was actually Gu Yue, leaving Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi in fourth and fifth place respectively.

After seeing the results of this test, Zhang Yangzi’s self-doubt only grew greater and greater.

In addition to reaction speed, they continued to test all aspects of the body. Number one was Tang Wulin, followed closely by Gu Yue.

Are they even human? Are they human? Human?

Did they eat the fodder for beasts of burden when they were growing up?

“The testing is finished now. Today’s tests were primarily on your body’s abilities and doesn’t represent everything. Martial souls are still crucial to Soul Masters, so some students shouldn’t be discouraged. Now, class dismissed. Tang Wulin, follow me.” Wu Zhangkong gracefully walked away with Tang Wulin in tow.

Zhang Yangzi stood there, as if a cold wind was blow

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