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Chapter133 - Before the Final Exam

“If you had been able to kill the thousand-year Crystal Bear without being crystallized, then neither Xie Xie nor Gu Yue would have needed to sacrifice themselves for your sake, and together, the three of you wouldn’t have had any problem taking out the pack of wolves. Their sacrifices, were all because of you.”

Wu Zhangkong’s words seemed especially cold to Tang Wulin’s ears at that moment. He had been proud of the battles’ results, yet, Wu Zhangkong’s words were like a bucket of cold water being poured over him. So the battle was actually like that?

That’s right! If it had been a true battlefield, then my mistake would have caused the whole team to collapse and my comrades to die for my sake! How can I consider that a victory then?

Wu Zhangkong continued to speak dully. “You need to strengthen your knowledge and understanding of soul beasts. Don’t think that just because soul beasts are rare nowadays, studying them is useless. On the contrary, a deeper understanding of soul beasts will greatly benefit your future cultivation. Research has shown that over 90% of the soul skills we Soul Masters possess have belonged to a soul beast at one point or another, so a greater understanding of soul beasts is the equivalent of understanding your competitors. It will also increase your odds of survival in the spirit ascension platform.

“You all should understand by now that the longer you survive in the spirit ascension platform, the greater the benefits are. You all still have a long ways to go.”

Tang Wulin’s previous joy from having his spirit soul evolve disappeared completely. That’s right! All because I lacked knowledge, I was a burden to my comrades!

Bitterness encroached his heart the moment he realised this. Gu Yue and Xie Xie died because of me!

“In today’s morning lesson, I’ll be discussing the soul beasts you encountered yesterday. I will explain any special traits they have and their abilities at each level.” Wu Zhangkong indifferently announced the day’s lesson.

A chill suddenly swept through Tang Wulin’s body. He looked to his side to see Gu Yue giving him a nod.

A drop of cold water slid down his neck. He trembled, which immediately cleared and awakened his mind.

“Thanks,” Tang Wulin whispered.

“What’s up?” Xie Xie looked over and asked.

After their adventures in the spirit ascension platform, the five students tackled studying with renewed vigor, as if their desire to study had gained a soul ability itself. Their desire to improve left no room for Wu Zhangkong to spur them on. In fact, Zhang Yangzi even dropped his grudge against Tang Wulin’s trio. All that were on their minds were studying and cultivation.

With a strand of Bluesilver Grass connecting them, Tang Wulin and Wang Jinxi attempted to dual cultivate at night. As expected, their cultivation speed was a bit faster than cultivating alone, so both of them found this arrangement to b

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