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Chapter117 - Teachers

“Teacher, president.” Tang Wulin hastily greeted the two as soon as he entered the room. Since Mang Tian’s call had seemed urgent, he didn’t have the chance to change out of his dusty and metallic smelling work clothes.

As soon as Mu Chen and Mang Tian saw his outfit, they knew he’d come straight from the workshop.

Mu Chen sighed. “Oh Wulin! I know you’re an overly anxious child and that you want to quickly repay the association, but you must take care of your body. You’re still only nine years old; you can’t run yourself into the ground like this. It’ll affect your future development, understand?”

“Yes,” Tang Wulin respectfully answered, but his gaze was focused on his teacher. This was his first time seeing his teacher in the Blacksmith’s Association.

Mang Tian beckoned him over, then indicated that Tang Wulin should take a seat beside him.

“Wulin, I called you over to discuss something with you,” Mang Tian heavily said.

“What is it, teacher?”

Mang Tian raised his head and looked into Mu Chen’s eyes. He was met with a look of regret.

Mang Tian took a deep breath before speaking. “To be honest, I had originally accepted you as a disciple due to your father’s request. At first, I hadn’t really wanted to accept a child like you. After all, you had only been six years old at the time. But after I gained an understanding of you, of your innate divine strength, and of your effort and your perseverance, I was moved. In that moment, I could see that you were gifted. Since then, as your teacher these past three years, I have given you a solid foundation for forging.”

Despite not really understanding the meaning behind Mang Tian’s words, Tang Wulin repeatedly nodded. Although Mang Tian was strict, Tang Wulin knew it was for his own sake, thus allowing him to progress so quickly on the path of blacksmithing.

Mang Tian paused at this point, letting out a long sigh, before continuing to speak. “All my life, I have always dreamed of becoming a Divine Craftsman, but clearly, I did not have the talent to do so. My martial soul isn’t good enough, and I had taken a detour in cultivation during my early years. The greatest achievement in my life was becoming a sixth rank blacksmith.

“You, on the other hand, are already a third rank blacksmith, and your talent gives you a chance at becoming a Divine Craftsman. In fact, I dare say that in the entire Blacksmith’s Association, you are the one most likely to reach that level. Now that you are approaching the fourth rank, you will need more guidance on your path of blacksmithing. I have only just barely reached the realm of Spirit Forging, and my guidance cannot be considered complete. Therefore, I hope you are willing to accept the president as your new master and study forging under him.

“In the federation’s world of forging, the president is an outstanding person. He’s a Saint Blacksmith that has reached the Soul Forging level. If

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