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Chapter104 - Gu Yue Erupts

“Are you okay, Wulin?” Gu Yue gently pressed a hand onto Tang Wulin’s back, causing light attribute soul power to enter him. A wave of warmth suffused through his body, lessening the discomfort.

“I’m fine.” Tang Wulin sucked in a deep breath. Although there was still some chilliness and pain within his body, it was nothing compared to what he had experienced these past few days. If that previous pain had made him want to die, then the current pain was just like having an upset stomach.

When Zhang Yangzi saw the condition Tang Wulin was in, he was startled. Despite being hit by his Shadow Clone and being weakest of his group members, Tang Wulin was still able to stand tall. Just what kind of situation was this?

“You can go die!” Gu Yue suddenly shouted. Before Tang Wulin even had a chance to grab her, she’d already rushed forward.

Gu Yue suddenly accelerated, a green light flickering around her body. As she sped towards them, she motioned with both her hands, shooting a fireball and an icicle towards her three opponents.

While her attack shot towards the opposing trio, the green light covering her body shone brighter and brighter, her eyes growing clearer. After the fireball exploded, her hands had already taken on an icy-blue color. Then, when the icicle shattered, that icy-blue light began to blend with the green light.

A chaotic gale screamed through the air, and the spectating students and teachers were reminded of the turbulent hurricane that had swept past just recently. In a short period of time, the wind and ice had already grown into a tornado five meters in height and one meter in diameter and quickly advanced towards Zhang Yangzi and his teammates.

The temperature onstage plummeted as the ice shards within the swirling gale became sharp blades that cut through the air, releasing waves of ear-piercing screeches.

The opposing trio’s expressions soured. Wang Jinxi was the first to take the initiative and act as the vanguard, while the other two used their soul power to protect their bodies.

Evade? The entire stage seemed to be under the control of this miniature tornado as it drew them into its center. Their speed had also been cut in half, making it basically impossible for them to escape its range.

Long Hengxu looked upon the stage with a dumbstruck expression once again. This, this is the soul skill of a one ring Soul Master? Can a Soul Elder with a thousand year soul ring even achieve this?

Blizzard! This was a combination of ice and wind.

Among the trio from class five, the strongest one wasn’t Xie Xie, who possessed both twin martial souls as well as the greatest soul power among them; rather, it was Gu Yue.

Gu Yue had never used her true strength until this match. Today, however, Tang Wulin had been injured by their opponents, incurring her wrath. Thus, she’d cast her strongest elemental attack.

After creating her blizzard, however

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