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Chapter106 - A Pleasant Surprise in the Future?

When Tang Wulin woke up, his entire body felt relaxed and at peace. All of the previous pain and suffering had vanished. The first thing he did was enter his mind’s spiritual world.

“You have awoken.” Old Tang rejoiced.

“I succeeded in breaking the seal?” Tang Wulin asked.

“En. You have succeeded in breaking the first seal and have absorbed the Golden Dragon King’s soul. All things begin with hardship, so this first breakthrough can be considered you laying down your foundation. After some time passes, you will experience more and more of the benefits from this breakthrough.”

Tang Wulin impatiently asked, “What kind of benefits? Will my soul power increase by a lot?”

Old Tang said, “No. The Golden Dragon King’s soul will mainly affect your body. Though there will be some improvement to your soul power with each broken seal, it will not be as significant. The important thing is that your body will transform under its influence, gradually gaining the strength of the Golden Dragon King. After breaking through your first seal, you now possess a trace of a dragon’s might. In the future, when facing dragon-type beasts that are inferior in rank to the Golden Dragon King, you will be able to suppress them with your dragon aura. Naturally, the larger the gap in cultivation between you and your opponent, the weaker the effect will be.

“Secondly, the part of the Golden Dragon King’s power you have absorbed is its right hand. After you have thoroughly absorbed this piece of its soul, you will be able to transform your right hand into a dragon’s claw. The Golden Dragon Claw’s strength is tremendous, and it also possesses a special property — that is, ‘crushing’. Simply said, there is almost nothing it cannot overcome. Assuming the hardness of the object is within a certain range, anything you attack with your Golden Dragon Claw will definitely be broken.

“After you break through more seals in the future and fuse with more of the Golden Dragon King’s power, the benefits you receive will be even greater. Do not lightly use the Golden Dragon Claw, however. Although it is now a part of your body, using it will still consume an enormous amount of your soul power.”

Golden Dragon Claw? I can control the Golden Dragon Claw now?

Tang Wulin unconsciously looked toward his right hand. With a single thought, his right hand transformed and a layer of golden scales began to cover it, but that was the extent of the current changes.

“Don’t be so anxious. You still need some time to absorb the Golden Dragon King’s soul before you will be able to use it. Alright then, onto the second seal now. You must undo the seal before you turn fifteen. To do this, you will need to find or purchase four different heaven and earth treasures. I will brand their descriptions into your mind. Oh, and one more thing. If you are able to break the second seal, there will be a pleasant surprise f

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