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Chapter120 - Spirit Ascension Plane

Wu Zhangkong said, “This is because your spiritual power has already reached the Spirit Connection realm. With your current strength, although you are able to dual cultivate with a dragon-type Soul Master, if you cultivate with more people, it would be too distracting. Similar to fusing with a spirit soul, the greater your spiritual power, the more spirit souls you can fuse with at one time. In this case, you need to guide this foreign energy to merge with your body, so you will use up some of your spiritual power. Even if your spiritual power reaches a really high level, the number of Soul Masters you can cultivate simultaneously with is still limited.”

Tang Wulin was still scratching his head awkwardly. There really were no shortcuts in cultivating! But even if there were, cultivating with Wang Jinxi was still faster than normal, and it was beneficial for the both of them too. In fact, Wang Jinxi benefitted more than Tang Wulin.

“Tang Wulin, I will rearrange your bedrooms so that you can remain connected to Wang Jinxi with a strand of Bluesilver Grass at night. You shouldn’t have any problems meditating together this way. From tonight onwards, you two will meditate together, and if you experience any other changes, inform me immediately,” Wu Zhangkong continued.

“Yes.” They both agreed simultaneously, so Wu Zhangkong left to wash himself.

“I’m also going to go then.” Tang Wulin waved goodbye to Wang Jinxi.

“Wait a minute,” Wang Jinxi called out.

“What is it?” Tang Wulin eyed him suspiciously.

Wang Jinxi wore a strange expression as he began to speak. “There’s something that I forgot to tell Teacher Wu. After cultivating with you, without knowing why, I now feel a bit submissive when I see you. Do you think this feeling is weird?”

Tang Wulin laughed. “How is that a weird feeling? You cultivation speed increases when we cultivate together, so it’s only natural that you feel friendlier towards me. Anyways, I’m going now!” He waved goodbye to Wang Jinxi once again, before returning to his own room.

Neither of them noticed that as Tang Wulin left, a faint golden pattern glowed on Wang Jinxi’s forehead. The lines were very faint but bore a resemblance to the one on Tang Wulin’s body.

Tang Wulin was in a good mood. It was still early, so he went to wash up before heading to the field for a morning run.

The fact that they both complemented one another by dual cultivating was a good thing for both him and Wang Jinxi. After all, they were classmates and would have to cultivate together for the next five years.

Just as he began running, a familiar figure appeared on the track.

It’s her…

Ouyang Zixin had also noticed Tang Wulin. She waved at him, before continuing on her run.

Tang Wulin didn’t purposefully approach her this time. Instead, he continued running at his own pace while watching the energetic and youthful figure running in front of h

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