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Chapter122 - Entering

“The spirit ascension platform is the fruit of a millennium years of our Spirit Pagoda’s efforts and knowledge. We had invested an enormous amount of resources and used our spatial technology to create a different world, therefore, the first thing you need to note is that the spirit ascension platform is a virtual world. To be precise, it is half virtual and half real. This is because a lot of the virtual data relies on your input. However, it can be considered purely virtual within the elementary spirit ascension platform, so there is no need to fear for your lives.”

“You can do anything you want in the spirit ascension platform, but your main objective will be to survive. Do your best to survive as long as you can. The longer you survive, the greater the benefits you will reap.”

“Secondly, don’t believe that it is completely safe in there. Although your life will not be in danger as only your brain waves are active in there, in some extreme circumstances, there is a possibility that your brain waves will be damaged and cause danger to your corporeal body. As such, the moment you face danger beyond your power to deal with, press the emergency exit button; and you will immediately exit the spirit ascension platform. Understood?”

“Understood.” The five students responded quickly.

The staff member nodded. “As for the rest, you will learn them after experiencing it inside. Today is the first time you will be inside, so you probably won’t survive too long, but it should leave a deep impression on you. Prepare yourselves mentally and remember this: don’t panic if you run into a dangerous situation. Soul beasts aren’t that scary if you know how to react properly.”

The five children were filled with anticipation after listening to the staff member’s explanations. Tang Wulin and Gu Yue were especially excited since this was their first time learning about the spirit ascension platform.

They would enter with their brain waves? Just how would that feel?

With a press of a button, five metal boxes came out of the wall. These boxes were laid horizontally, each with a person sized-hollow within it, which made them slightly resemble a coffin.

“Lay down inside.”

The five of them followed the staff member’s instructions and laid down in the metal boxes. The boxes were so cold that it snapped their minds into focus.

The interior was lined with electrodes, which quickly began to stick to their body snuggly.

“We’re going to start now. Prepare yourselves. Relax your bodies and wait for the scan to begin. You may feel some discomfort during the scan, but just bear with it for a moment.”

That was the last piece of instruction the five students received from the staff member before the five metal boxes had slowly slid back into the wall. They were enveloped in darkness.

A sudden numbness encompassed Tang Wulin’s body and agitated his excited soul power and blood; it was as if som

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