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Chapter110 -Battle Armor

After class zero was established in Eastsea Academy, what Tang Wulin found the most shocking was just how differently the academy treated them when compared with their treatment of the normal students. The classroom changed to a much more open one while their dorm rooms had also been upgraded. They no longer shared a room with four people, but rather, they each had their own room now that were situated beside one another. Moreover, their rooms were the same as the ones given to ordinary teachers. In other words, they were enjoying the treatment a teacher would receive.

Zhang Yangzi signed the contract without the slightest hesitation when he heard that Wang Jinxi had signed it. Including the teacher in charge, class zero comprised of six people in total.

Wu Zhangkong was also given new living quarters alongside the dorms of his students. His previous dorm had now been replaced with a suite.

The academy gave them one day to get themselves organized before class zero would officially begin classes the following day.

Naturally, even if classes were to begin now, not all of them would be able to attend. After all, three of them had suffered serious fractures and could only attend theory classes for now.

Class zero’s classroom seemed a bit spacious and empty. Although it wasn’t any different than the ordinary classrooms, it seemed very large with only five students in it.

Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi sat on one side while Tang Wulin’s trio sat on the other. The five of them were like two separate rivers.

Zhang Yangzi rested his legs on top of a chair, his expression dark. Wang Jinxi was his usual silent self, but his eyes would occasionally flit towards Tang Wulin.

Wu Zhangkong entered the classroom with a stern expression and walked to the center. He swept his gaze across the five students.

“From henceforth, your curriculum will undergo a change.”

His words drew the attention of the five students. Even if it was Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi, they couldn’t help but admire the Icily Arrogant Prince Charming’s strength. After all, they too had been mesmerized by the battle between Wu Zhangkong and Guang Biao.

Wu Zhangkong said, “Due to the current conditions of your bodies, we will put off cultivation for a while. Instead, we will begin with theory classes. Today we’ll start with mechas.”


When they heard this word, all five students looked at each other in confusion.

Zhang Yangzi’s expression brightened a bit as he couldn’t help but ask, “Teacher Wu, aren’t mechas a topic for the advanced division? We’re still in the first grade! Isn’t this just too early?”

Typically, the intermediate division would only cover foundational knowledge, and they wouldn’t cover mechas until they entered the advanced division. After graduating from the advanced division, they would enter an advanced academy based on their area of study, walking one step at a time to

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