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Chapter112 - Basic Combat Training


Sure enough, there was a ‘but’...

Wu Zhangkong coldly continued, “All five of you have a problem in common, and this will be settled through your combat training. The problem is that you are all severely lacking in combat experience and techniques! What I’m talking about isn’t your experience with using your martial soul and soul skills as you are all somewhat decent at that, but still not excellent of course. No, what I am speaking about are your basic combat techniques when you aren’t using your martial soul.”

Basic combat techniques? Soul Masters need something like that? Don’t Soul Masters only need to use their soul skills to attack their opponents?

Apart from Tang Wulin who was deep in thought, a look of doubt appeared on the faces of the other four students.

“Do you actually think there is no meaning to having basic combat techniques?”

Gu Yue said, “I understand, but Teacher Wu, my ability is based solely on controlling the elements. As long as I can control them properly in battle, I will be able to defeat any opponent. What use do I have for basic combat techniques then? Shouldn’t I focus on increasing my soul power and spiritual power?”

Wu Zhangkong nodded.

“If that is what you really think, then let’s have a little test. Gu Yue, you and Tang Wulin will attack me. I won’t use any soul skill, and I will suppress my soul power down to your level, about rank 13. Let’s see if you can still defeat me. You may use your martial souls.”

As Wu Zhangkong was speaking, he turned around to walk over to the teacher’s platform and picked up a teacher’s pointer before returning to the center.

Gu Yue had already bravely stepped forward to stand at Tang Wulin’s side. He’s not using any soul skills? So he’s not using his martial soul at all? Isn’t he underestimating us too much?

Tang Wulin and Gu Yue exchanged a glance before retreating a few steps back, opening up some space between them and Wu Zhangkong. They released their martial souls in preparation to attack Wu Zhangkong.

“Come now.” Wu Zhangkong beckoned them over as he brandished his pointing stick freely.

Tang Wulin took the initiative to charge forward. With his immense strength, he naturally held the advantage in a direct confrontation. As he charged forward, countless strands of Bluesilver Grass emerged, flocking toward Wu Zhangkong on all sides.

Right behind him was Gu Yue, who controlled her elements with a deft wave of her hands. Suddenly, she released seven to eight swift wind blades. They sliced toward Wu Zhangkong from tricky positions that cut off all avenues of escape.

Suppressing his soul power also greatly limited his own speed, and he was now facing Tang Wulin and Gu Yue, both of whom could be considered Assault-Control System Soul Master hybrids. If they couldn’t grasp victory immediately in the beginning, then they would just have to control Wu Zhangkong’s mo

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