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Chapter114 -Monstrous Numbers

The final one to take the test was Gu Yue.

A thought suddenly struck Zhang Yangzi. Does the order Teacher Wu arranged us in mean anything? Aside from Xie Xie in the beginning, the spiritual power ratings have only been increasing high afterward. Spiritual power is also essential to Gu Yue… Could it be? Has she also broken through to the Spirit Connection realm?

His question didn’t go unanswered for long as the testing machine gave him the results shortly after.

Gu Yue’s spiritual power flew past the white line and into the yellow zone. Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi gawked as the number broke through 100 points in the blink of an eye, and even then it was still skyrocketing! Their jaws dropped in shock!

The final number displayed on the machine was 153.

How, how can she be this amazing!? Even if we disregard Eastsea City, I don’t think there is a single Soul Master on the entire continent that is this young yet has such high level spiritual power!

A human’s spiritual power would grow as their body matured, increasing all the way until they reached forty years of age. After the age of forty, however, an ordinary person’s body would begin to deteriorate, but Soul Masters could continue increasing their spiritual power until they were sixty years old.

Gu Yue was only nine years old, the exact same age as the rest of them, yet her spiritual power was actually in the Spirit Connection realm with over 150 points! With her talent, wouldn’t she break through to the Spirit Sea realm by the time she graduated from the intermediate division!?

In the Spirit Sea realm, the spirit was as vast as the sea and one’s spiritual power could be considered to have finally attained a high enough level to be considered the foundation for an expert. The ones who stood at the pinnacle of both Mecha Masters or Soul Masters would need to have at least reached the Spirit Sea realm. At this level, one would be able to support five yellow spirit souls or three purple spirit souls. In fact, one could even support a single black spirit soul!

Apart from the effects on spiritual power, the Spirit Sea realm could also help a Soul Master cultivate to six or seven rings. Thus, to become a powerful Soul Master, it was necessary to reach Spirit Sea.

Silence. The room was enveloped in silence.

Wu Zhangkong seemed to have expected this result as after Gu Yue left the machine, he casually said, “Next is the strength test.”

The order for the strength test was also very peculiar. The first one up was Gu Yue.

Similar to when she tested her powerful spiritual power, Gu Yue’s strength once again blinded everyone.

The strength test simply measured the power of one’s punch, and it didn’t measure anything like carrying capacity or how much stress their bodies could undergo.

After all, only attack power held any meaning to Soul Masters.

Bang! Left fist, 115 kilograms.

D, damn! Zhang

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