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Chapter132 - Summary

“Tell me about your thoughts on your experiences in the spirit ascension platform yesterday.” Wu Zhangkong stood at the lectern and unenthusiastically told his five students.

Wang Jinxi’s and Zhang Yangzi’s eyes were puffy and dark. Clearly, they hadn’t had a good night’s rest. The difference, though, was that Zhang Yangzi’s restless night was due to depression, while Wang Jinxi’s was caused by nightmares. Wang Jinxi simply couldn’t forget the chill the Man-Faced Demon Spider instilled in him. That chill had reached to the depths of his very soul. He had felt like he was truly about to die at that moment. It was a terrifying feeling that was permanently etched into his heart.

Xie Xie’s complexion wasn’t too healthy either. After fighting a bloody battle yesterday and receiving countless injuries, his nightmares were filled with wolves throwing themselves upon him, one after another It had been impossible for him to meditate calmly and recover properly under such circumstances. In fact, he had tumbled onto the ground midway through the night, waking him from his nightmare.

Contrary to the others, Gu Yue was just the same as usual.

Tang Wulin was the only one in high spirits. After all, how could he not rejoice after his spirit soul evolved?

“We’ll go in order of yesterday’s eliminations. Zhang Yangzi, you first!” Seeing that no one wanted to be the first to speak, Wu Zhangkong singled out Zhang Yangzi by name.

“Yes!” Zhang Yangzi responded in embarrassment and quickly stood up. “My performance yesterday was simply horrible. Teacher Wu, I was wrong.”

Wu Zhangkong rebuked him with a wave of his hand. “I don’t need you to tell me you were wrong, it’s your own life after all. What you can do, however, is use this chance to acknowledge your errors and improve yourself. If you had really been in a soul beast forest yesterday, then all that would have remained of you would be a corpse. In fact, your skeleton might also have been destroyed. So tell me then, what do you think of your experience and of yourself in the spirit ascension platform yesterday?”

Zhang Yangzi’s face twitched awkwardly. “The world of the spirit ascension platform is too realistic. I couldn’t feel anything unauthentic about it at all! I was really curious about the world when I first entered, so I climbed up a tree to survey my surroundings. With my martial soul’s ability to glide, I thought I would be able to fly in any direction I wanted, so I did.

“In the beginning, I didn’t do anything wrong. My mistake was underestimating my opponent afterward. I was arrogant and didn’t carefully observe my surroundings when I chose to impulsively battle it. In the end, I was besieged on all sides and was quickly eliminated.

“The next time I enter the spirit ascension platform, I will be far more careful and place preserving my life as the number one priority. That way, I’ll be able to survive even longer.”


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