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Chapter134 - Rebellion Spirit Ascension Platform?

Wu Zhangkong said, “Twice a year, the spirit ascension platform will rebel. At first, they were caused by the unstable energies that the spirit ascension platform was made of. As the technology progressed, however, they were able to gain control over the rebellion periods and turned them into a special feature of the spirit ascension platforms. During a rebellion period, the soul beasts will grow excited and become more visible, increasing the danger within the spirit ascension platform. The Eighteen Pillars of Heaven imposed a limit of 300 people to enter the rebellion spirit ascension platform each time. This time, you five are fortunate enough to be one of those 300 people after the academy spent an enormous amount of resources to secure five quota spaces for you. You should appreciate just how great of an opportunity this is.”

“During the rebellion period, you will be able to enter the spirit ascension platform as a team, but your number cannot surpass seven. Since there are only five of you, so there will be no problems for you to enter together. This will serve to test your coordination as a team. Don’t forget though, in addition to soul beasts, you might encounter other Soul Masters. They will pose just as much of a danger to you as soul beasts, because if you are ejected from the spirit ascension platform within the 100 seconds it takes to absorb a soul beast’s spiritual energy, the remaining energy will go to the nearest Soul Master. These are the special rules of the rebellion spirit ascension platform.”

Zhang Yangzi asked, “So you’re saying that other Soul Masters can steal our spiritual energy, and we can steal their spiritual energy too?”

Wu Zhangkong spoke dismissively, “If you’re confident you can try, but don’t forget that Soul Masters with up to three rings can enter the elementary spirit ascension platform, and those that want to enter a rebellion spirit ascension platform have to pay an enormous price. This means that there is a high chance that three ringed Soul Masters will appear and kill as many soul beasts as they can to try to upgrade their spirit soul. If you truly decide to attack them, then you should be prepared to face a powerful opponent.”

Tang Wulin said, “Don’t worry, teacher. We will rely on our strength as a team!”

Zhang Yangzi’s relationship with the others had mended long ago. After all, they were young and had the temperament of children. How could he hold a grudge considering that? Moreover, as Tang Wulin and Wang Jinxi grew closer together, Wang Jinxi had astonishingly advanced two ranks to reach rank 23. On the other hand, both Zhang Yangzi and Xie Xie had only just reached rank 22.

“You will enter the spirit ascension platform in three days. You can take the next three days off as a vacation to rest and prepare.”

Vacation? Ever since they had entered class zero, they hadn’t had any opportunities to rest apart from th

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