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Chapter103 - Bluesilver Whip

Under that golden light, the area of darkness dissipated, revealing four figures inside.

Light attribute? Off stage, Ye Yingluo was shocked once again. Even Xie Xie having two rings didn’t shock her to such an extent. Just what is this class five girl’s martial soul? Ever since the start of the competition, she has used wind element, fire element, and now the light element. How can she control three elements? This is simply inconceivable.

Regardless, it was useless. With Xie Xie besieged by three people, how could he possibly endure?

What was truly astonishing, however, was that despite them assembling together, Zhang Yangzi, Wang Jinxi, and Wei Xiaofeng were unable to catch Xie Xie in that short period of time.

The golden ball of light that shone above the mass of darkness suddenly exploded and began to spin. Amidst the chaos of the light’s flurry, a series of clashes could be heard.

Xie Xie’s second soul skill, Light Dragon Storm!

That’s right, this was the powerful soul skill Xie Xie had obtained after making his breakthrough. With his body as the axle, he would spin rapidly whilst holding his Light Dragon Dagger, turning the edge of his dagger into the winds of a violent storm that spiraled and slashed at his surroundings. This was a skill that encompassed both attack and defense!

It was only by relying on this powerful soul skill that he was able to withstand being attacked by all sides.

Tang Wulin had already arrived, once again punching out with his right hand.

Just like before, only Xie Xie and Wang Jinxi reacted to his punch.

Xie Xie’s Light Dragon Storm halted for a moment, while Wang Jinxi couldn’t bear the pressure at all, his entire body turning rigid.

One after another, strands of Bluesilver Grass entered the area, heading out to bind their three opponents. At the same time, the hammer in Tang Wulin’s left hand furiously smashed at Wang Jinxi.

Zhang Yangzi moved quickly, but with Wang Jinxi’s rigid body, it was easier for Tang Wulin to fight.

A green light wrapped around Wang Jinxi’s waist and in the next moment, three shadows retreated back together. A black shadow helped open up a distance between them.

It was Wei Xiaofeng who had grabbed Wang Jinxi. His right leg seemed boneless as it continued to bend at impossible angles.

The three of them retreated while Xie Xie stopped his soul skill, regrouping with Tang Wulin and Gu Yue.

The battle returned to a three versus three.

“Good, very good!” Zhang Yangzi’s face was colored with excitement, but his battlelust and confidence took precedence.

Xie Xie was gasping for breath beside Tang Wulin. He stole a glance at his teammates. He didn’t know why, but from beginning to end, he felt a terrifying aura coming from Tang Wulin.

“Are you okay?” Tang Wulin whispered.

Xie Xie shook his head. “I’ve used quite a bit of soul power, but I can still persevere.”


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