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In particular, the countless reddish-golden dragon patterns that had appeared at the center of the drill ground immediately sent a burst of adrenaline surging through their veins.

This was true power! The Pavilion Master's transformation was way too badass!

Yi Zichen's hands had already unconsciously balled up into the tight fists, and he decided there and then that he was going to become just as powerful as the pavilion master someday.

Tang Wulin dragon core and soul core were fully activated, and even his spiritual power had formed a small yet concentrated protective barrier that completely enveloped the short spear.

His dragon's repulse had been released onto every single one of his scales, and even his three-word battle armor and Golden Blood Dragon domain had both been released.

At his current power level, he was definitely equipped to withstand a ninth-grade soul missile explosion, but not contain the force of such an explosion with his own body!

He didn't know how much power this short spear was going to unleash, but he didn't have time to think about that; his only thought was that he had to protect Shrek Academy.

One second passed by, followed by two, then three...

Tang Wulin had done everything in his power to contain this explosion, but it simply didn't come. The spear seemed to have lost all of its heat and was lying still in his arms. Only its source positive circulation core was still shimmering with faint light.

"Do you really think I'm insane? What an idiot." A mocking voice rang out in the distance as the pink mecha rose to its feet.

It had to be said that her mecha's defensive prowess was truly astonishing, as evidenced by the fact that it didn't seem difficult at all for her to stand back up even after withstanding that attack.

Only then did Tang Wulin heave a sigh of relief as he returned to his human form, but he then immediately flared up with rage. "You're telling me you're NOT insane?"

Ling Zichen shrugged in response. "I only wanted to trick you into getting more serious; I didn't anticipate that you would display such a strong reaction."

For the first time ever in his life, Tang Wulin was struck by the urge to hit a woman.

"Alright, let's stop here. I can tell that you were holding back, and I'm no match for you. The energy fluctuations erupting from your body just now have already exceeded five times the normal tolerance limit for my mecha. Of course, like I said, that's only the normal tolerance limit?"

Tang Wulin quickly calmed himself down before asking in a cold voice, "Then what happens if you go beyond that?"

Ling Zichen chuckled coldly in response. "I'd take you down with me in a massive explosion."

"Sure you will. If you weren't a woman, hmph..." Tang Wulin harrumphed coldly as he tossed Ling Zichen's short spear back to her.

The source positive circulation core on the spear flashed once, and it decelerated in mid-air before gently falling

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