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This was because the retaliative attack she had prepared had just been sealed from all directions by Tang Wulin's seemingly casual spear thrust.

However, Ling Zichen's immense confidence in herself clearly indicated that this special mecha of hers wasn't going to be that easy to deal with. She crossed the short spears in front of her own chest, revealing the middle section of the spears, and Tang Wulin immediately spotted a speck of light at the center of each spear.

These specks of light were clearly larger than the ones all over her body. If those specks of light were around the size of sesame seeds, then these two would be around the size of peas.

Could it be that her source positive circulation core was divided into different levels?

In the next instant, both of the short spears lit up in unison, and scintillating light instantly radiated from the two cores of the spears, converging to form a pink beam that reached him almost instantaneously.

A strong sense of foreboding instantly made the hairs on the back of Tang Wulin's neck stand up on end, and he immediately used his spiritual domain without any hesitation.

The beam of light that had already reached him abruptly stopped, then returned to the instant before it was released.

On this occasion, Tang Wulin could clearly see that the beam of light had been unleashed by the two source positive circulation cores of the short spears stacked on top of one another.

The beam didn't seem to be all that powerful, but he could instinctively sense that it posed a threat to him, even more so than the heavy ion laser than Long Yuxue had used in the past.

He sidestepped to allow the pink beam to pass him by, but it swept horizontally toward him like a blade of light rather than simply fading away.

Tang Wulin instantly reacted, slashing his Golden Dragon Spear through the air to clash with the pink beam.

An ear-splitting grinding sound erupted froth, and Tang Wulin felt a burst of formidable explosive power surging toward him, as if he had just been struck viciously by a giant hammer.

Right as a sense of astonishment registered in his mind, his body was sent flying by that burst of explosive power.

As he hurtled through the air, he instantly changed directions in mid-air to evade the beam of light, but the pink mecha charged toward him once again as a bolt of pink lightning with countless specks of light erupting out of the two short spears.

It had to be said that her divine-grade mecha was extraordinarily fast and capable of completing many physics-defying maneuvers. Following this string of clashes, Tang Wulin discovered that those source positive circulation cores in her mecha didn't just provide energy, they could also be used as propellers, and this was why Ling Zichen was able to complete all those seemingly impossible maneuvers.

It was very difficult for Tang Wulin to imagine that Ling Zichen's body was able to bear the strain from perform

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