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As such, he had constantly been striving to improve, constantly shedding more blood, sweat, and tears than anyone else. All of Shrek’s Seven Monsters were very exceptional, as evidenced by their incredible powers at their young ages.

They were admired and envied by everyone, but all of them had their own stories, and only they knew just how much hard work and effort had been required to reach their current levels.

That steamer in the sky was a manifestation of Xu Lizhi's consistent hard work over many years. He had always known that his aptitude in battle was far from exceptional, so he had to walk a different path from everyone else if he wanted to possess outstanding combat prowess.


Right at this moment, the loud explosion yet rang out, and the lid of the steamer was flung up into the air.

Qiangu Dongfeng reflexively took a step forward upon seeing this. Had Da Mo finally struggled free?

However, as opposed to Da Mo, what flew out of the steamer was a massive purplish-black stuffed bun.

The stuffed bun crashed down from the heavens, exploding violently as soon as it struck the ground.

Up above, Xu Lizhi had reverted back to his human form, and his battle armor had already been withdrawn.

His face was slightly pale, but his fists were tightly clenched, and his eyes were full of excitement.

In the wake of the massive stuffed bun's explosion, an unconscious figure was revealed within the deep crater; it was none other than Da Mo.

However, he was currently in a very pitiful state. His battle armor was in tatters, and all of the pieces were either broken or severely dented.

A faint smile appeared on Xu Lizhi's face as he descended back to the Shrek Academy camp.

Shrek Academy had secured victory in the fifth match, and the score was three to two!

All of the previous matches had progressed as planned aside from the fact that the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo had missed her clash with the Holy Spirit Douluo, but the outcome of this match was completely unexpected.

A Hyper Douluo losing to a Soul Douluo was something that had almost never been seen throughout all of history, and what was even more incredible was that the Soul Douluo in this case was a food system Soul Master!

Even Da Mo himself didn't know how he had lost.

The clash was temporarily put on pause so emergency treatment could be administered to Da Mo, and only then did he wake up from his unconscious state.

However, he immediately fell unconscious again upon witnessing how severely damaged his suit of three-word battle armor had become.

The damage was far too severe; even if it could be repaired to its original state, its power would definitely be severely debilitated.

"Should we continue, Chairman Qiangu?" Tang Wulin asked with a smile.

Qiangu Dongfeng replied with a dark expression, "Of course. This doesn't change anything."

"Three, two, one, begin!"

One person rose up from each camp, and as

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