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Da Mo was already feeling very frustrated to have been stalled by a Soul Douluo for this long. There were so many media journalists down below, and he was already a seasoned Hyper Douluo; allowing this to drag on any longer would be far too embarrassing for him!

Thus, in the face of Xu Lizhi's forward charge, he didn't take any evasive measures as doing so would only exacerbate his humiliation.

He lowered his center of gravity and rammed his shoulder directly toward Xu Lizhi's chest. At the same time, his soul power quickly flowed into his fists, and as soon as the clash took place, he would unleash a torrential storm of ferocious attacks to crush this little fatso.

The suction power being released by Xu Lizhi was extremely powerful, and Da Mo was also rushing toward him, so the two almost instantly crashed into one another.

As expected, Da Mo's shoulder crashed heavily into Xu Lizhi's chest, and in that instant, he could even sense Xu Lizhi's flabby flesh tremor from the force of the impact. However, through these tremors, Xu Lizhi was able to nullify most of the impact.

Furthermore, his four-word battle armor's defensive prowess was definitely extremely formidable.

Even Da Mo was only a three-word battle armor master, and he had always dreamed of owning a suit of four-word battle armor, so he was actually very envious toward Xu Lizhi.

In their generation, it was unheard of for someone to own pieces of four-word battle armor at such a young age.

This clash allowed him to get a better sense of just how resolute Xu Lizhi's four-word battle armor was, and he instantly understood that a major factor behind Xu Lizhi's ability to match his strength was his four-word battle armor.

All of these thoughts flashed through his mind in an instant, but in the next instant, he immediately realized that something was wrong.

Not only had Xu Lizhi not been sent flying by his shoulder charge, the suction force that Xu Lizhi was releasing had caused them to adhere tightly to one another. In fact, Da Mo was even struck by the feeling that something had grabbed onto his shoulder.

As he looked down, he was stunned to discover that Xu Lizhi's breastplate had caved in, and that caved-in section was locked tightly onto his shoulder like a suction plate.

He immediately realized that he had forgotten about the living nature of divine-grade metals.

In reality, Da Mo couldn't be blamed for this. Barely anyone had ever come into contact with divine-grade metals, and the properties of divine-grade metals were only described through rumors. In addition to that, Xu Lizhi was only a Soul Douluo, so Da Mo had been quite complacent from the beginning, and as a result, he completely forgot that divine-grade metals were living and intelligent entities.

Right as Xu Lizhi's breastplate locked around Da Mo's shoulders, he also threw his arms around Da Mo, locking him in a tight embrace before he had a chance to react.

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