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Tang Wulin had only met her for the first time recently, but Liu Jingyun had known her for a long time, and he was wondering whether all of the scientists of the Tang Sect would revolt against Tang Wulin if they were to witness this scene...

After a brief hesitation, Tang Wulin decided to withdraw his arm to avoid the awkward situation that would eventuate once she woke up.

However, just as he was preparing to carefully pull back his own arm, Ling Zichen's voice suddenly rang out. "Don't move; let me sleep for a while longer."

Tang Wulin faltered slightly upon hearing this before looking down to find that her eyes were still shut, and she was curled up into a ball like an obedient kitten.

Tang Wulin opened his mouth to say something, but didn't say anything in the end, and soon, Ling Zichen's breathing evened out again.

Tang Wulin discovered that even though Ling Zichen wasn't a powerful Soul Master, she was very adept at controlling her own body. Otherwise, he wouldn't have failed to discover that she had already woken up. However, once she began drooling onto his shoulder, he knew that she had finally fallen asleep again.

The car drove into Heaven Dou City, and Ling Zichen suddenly sat up, leaving Tang Wulin's arm feeling rather cold and exposed in the absence of her warmth.

Ling Zichen's eyes were still shut, and she leaned back into her seat as she said, "Don't overthink it; I was only borrowing your shoulder, and I let you take advantage of me, so neither of us owes the other anything."

Tang Wulin really wanted to issue a retort, but he chose the chivalrous route and remained silent in the end. Furthermore, Ling Zichen's cries for her father were still reverberating in his mind.

Even a domineering woman like her was fragile on the inside.

"Sect Master Tang, Big Sister Ling, we're here." Liu Jingyun parked the car in the underground carpark before opening Tang Wulin and Ling Zichen's doors for them.

The two of them got out of the car, and Ling Zichen immediately walked away as if she were intentionally keeping her distance from Tang Wulin.

Liu Jingyu took a glance at Tang Wulin, and there was a strange look in his eyes.

Tang Wulin glared at him, and Liu Jingyun immediately looked away, but there was clearly an amused smile on his face. It was exactly because he had known Ling Zichen for a long time that he could identify the special treatment she was giving Tang Wulin.

After entering the underground world of the Tang Sect's Heaven Dou City branch, Ling Zichen continued to lead from the front while Tang Wulin trailed along behind her.

Along the way, they naturally encountered some disciples of the Tang Sect, all of whom would immediately stop at the sight of Ling Zichen, then take a reflexively step backward before extending a respectful greeting toward her. The same level of respect was extended toward Tang Wulin as well, but they were clearly a lot more relieved to be seeing him.

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