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Chapter 14 – Enough Money at Last

Tang Wulin was happily bouncing up and down the whole trip home. He was truly happy at the moment.

Three years. It had been three whole years. He had painstakingly forged metal everyday. All those swings of his hammer, they had all been for the sake of earning enough money for a spirit soul.

Although he had already calculated the month before that he would finally have enough money for a spirit soul this month. Now that he actually had the money in his hands, he just wanted to shout out in excitement.

Thirty thousand Federation Coins. For those upper class wealthy families, this was nothing. however, to a child who was barely nine years old, it was the fruit of over one thousand days of hard work and sweat! He couldn’t even count the number of times he had raised his hammer in order to earn this amount of money, let alone how much he had sweat for it.

He had finally succeeded! The more he thought about his achievement, the more elated he became. His emotions were simply impossible to convey right now!

The moment he succeeds in breaking through the bottleneck, he would finally be able to obtain a spirit soul. And now he was so close that he was just counting down the number of days before it happened. His soul power was about to make a breakthrough and what’s more, it would be likely be before graduation! Breaking into rank 10 would signify the moment he became a Soul Master.

Although Tang Wulin had taken a liking to forging, it didn’t mean that he wished to take it on as his profession. His dream was still to become a Soul Master, and in the future, he even dreamed of becoming a Machine Armor Master.

All boys had this kind of dream, but how many people were able to put in the necessary effort to achieve their dreams?

Diligence compensates for dullness. Over the last three years, Tang Wulin had always kept these four words in his heart and strived to follow its teachings.

He could finally see this come to fruition now.

“Mom, dad, I’ve earned enough money now! I have enough now!” As soon as Tang Wulin rushed through the doorway, he already began shouting out in excitement.

Na’er was sitting in the living room, sucking on the lollipop Tang Wulin had bought her.

“Big brother, you have enough money to buy a spirit soul now?” She understood Tang Wulin’s excitement too well.

“Mn. I have enough now. I have all thirty thousand.” Tang Wulin swiftly took out the money and put it on top of the table. Afterwards, he quickly returned to his room and retrieved an iron case from underneath his bed. He ran back to the living room and poured out all of the money that was inside of the case.”

“One hundred, two hundred, two hundred twenty…”

“Twenty-nine thousand six hundred, twenty-nine thousand seven hundred… Thirty thousand, thirty thousand and two hundred. There’s actually an extra two hundred! Na’er, I’ll give you a hundred to buy some good food to eat.”


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