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Chapter 5 – Na’er

Tang Wulin was clearly unhappy as he walked out of the Red Mountain Academy’s gates. The long day coupled with these major events clearly dampened his expectations.

He had grown up in an ordinary household, full of harmony. His parent’s relationship was excellent, and they loved him dearly. Even when he made a mistake, they would sincerely correct him.

However, today was the first time he had ever encountered these so called “challenges.” Because his martial soul was Bluesilver Grass, he was rejected at by the other students. To make matters worse, the teacher didn’t treat him very well either.

During the afternoon, the teacher clearly spent the least amount of time instructing him on how to meditate.

“Is my martial soul really that bad?” Tang Wulin’s depressed expression gradually changed into one of stubborness. “Even if my martial soul is no good, I’ll definitely become an important Soul Master. Dad told me before, success is 99% effort and 1% talent. Since my martial soul isn’t any good, then I’ll just have to put in even more effort!’

With his optimistic nature, he had already overcome the depression of the day while inadvertently resolving himself.

‘Anyways, why am I so hungry?’ Tang Wulin was puzzled as he rubbed his belly. The academy included one meal for lunch, and that meal was limitless. In the aspect of food, the Soul Master class also had much better food than the ordinary classes. Tang Wulin had eaten so much that he was given the nickname of “Rice Bucket.” He had eaten enough to fill half a dozen other students, and far surpassed the capacity of an adult.

His eating capacity wasn’t small before, but it certainly hadn’t reached this extent! It was only afternoon now, yet he was already hungry.

He was going to go and see if there was anything good to eat at home. His eye lit up at the mere thought of eating.

As he was walking down the road, a small figure attracted his attention.

The afternoon sun wasn’t too harsh, but the weather that day was unusually good. So, the sunshine simply produced a comfortable warmth. The sunlight had shined down upon a smear of silver, catching Tang Wulin’s attention.

A little girl was squatted down near the roadside. She was slightly shorter than him with a head of short silver hair. The sunlight had reflected off it, creating a silver flash and attracting Tang Wulin’s attention.

It was as if there was some sort of profound attraction between the two of them. The young girl raised her head and returned his gaze. She wore shabby clothes in addition to a dirt stained face, clearly resembling a little beggar. However, aside from her silver hair, she also had two eyes that stood out from the crowd.

She had big eyes, with two crystal clear amethyst pupils. Even though they were separated by a distance, Tang Wulin could see his image reflected in her eyes, naturally long eyelashes framing them.

Tang Wulin’s eyes were very pretty,

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