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Chapter 4 – Entering the Academy

Tang Ziran and Lang Yue hadn’t eaten their fill yet as all the food on the table had been sucked into their son’s belly like a tornado. Yet, Tang Wulin still wasn’t full.

“Son, are you the indignant food devourer of legend?” said Tang Ziran helplessly. In the end, all of the food on the table was inhaled by Tang Wulin’s belly, and Lang Yue had to forbid him from eating anymore.

Puzzled, Tang Wulin looked at his father. “Dad, why am I indignant?”

Tang Ziran replied, “Dad really wants to ask you son, do you plan on entering the Soul Master class, or do you want dad to help you enter the ordinary class?”

Tang Wulin answered. “Of course it’s the Soul Master class! I want to become a famous Soul Master!”

Tang ZI Ran firmly said, “Your martial soul is the Bluesilver Grass. Even in the legends about the Tang Sect’s ancestor, the Bluesilver Grass was an extremely average martial soul. Cultivating it will definitely be difficult, and you will encounter many challenges. Do you really wish to walk down this path?”

“Yeah! I want to become a Soul Master. After I become a Soul Master, I can make lots of money and buy mom and dad lots of delicious food.” Tang Wulin was full to the brim with childish dreams. To the side Lang Yue watched him with red eyes and thought about how he had always been well-behaved and thoughtful since he was little.

“Good,” Tang Ziran nodded. “Since you’re set on this, then mom and dad will support you. But if you regret this choice in the future, just tell dad, and I’ll help you transfer classes. Just remember that mom and dad have never wanted you to become a dragon or a phoenix. We only want you to be happy. We’ll be content as long as you’re happy. There’s nothing else more important in our hearts than your happiness. Do you understand?”

Tang Wulin beamed a bright smile in reply. “I’m already really happy right now!”

Aside from being hungrier than before, Tang Wulin also seemed much thirstier and sleepier as well resulting in him going to bed early.

The next day, just as the sky revealed the first glimmers of light, Tang Wulin was woken up by his father. Today was the day he would begin attending the academy. He had officially entered the Red Mountain Academy’s Soul Master class. This would be the first day of his nine years of learning.

According to the regulations set by the Sun Moon Federation, elementary and intermediate academies had free tuition and were compulsory. Elementary academy was three years while the intermediate academy was six years long. There were several ways to enter an advanced academy: outstanding achievements, paying an exceedingly expensive tuition, or entering an academy of science and specializing in a field of study.

Tang Ziran accompanied Tang Wulin to the academy gates before leaving as the academy was very close to their home. Before leaving to go work, Tang Ziran repeatedly urged Tang Wulin to directly return home

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