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Chapter 20 – Fusion

Crying really was the best way to vent one’s feelings. After wetting Na’er’s shoulder with his tears, the sound of weeping gradually stopped.

“Na’er, am I weak?” Tang Wulin asked after he raised his head and wiped away his tears.

Na’er shook her head vigorously.

Tang Wulin looked at the spirit soul in his hand. The tiny Grass Snake was moving about within the spirit soul ball in a carefree manner.

“You can go first, Na’er. I want to fuse with this spirit soul.” Tang Wulin said bitterly.

Na’er hesitated and said, “But, this one isn’t any good?”

Tang Wulin forced out a smile. “It’s already difficult for mom and dad to provide for us, so I can’t increase their burden. Dad said he would help me earn the money to buy another one just now, but our family doesn’t have much money to begin with. I can’t let mom and dad carry another burden for my sake. Even if it’s not too good, it’s still a spirit soul. It’ll still let me become an official Soul Master. Also, dad won’t have to face any more difficulties after I fuse with it.”

Na’er blankly stared at him. “Big brother…”

Tang Wulin gave her a big smile. “I’m fine. It was only a dream of mine anyways. Maybe becoming a master forger is most suitable for me after all.”

At this moment, Tang Wulin’s profound smile was engraved within her heart. It was the kind of optimistic smile of relief and helplessness which masked the depth of his sorrows.

His eyes followed Na’er as she left the room. Then he bit his lip and turned his gaze towards the Grass Snake once again. In that moment as he gazed at it, all sorts of feelings began to well up within his heart.

He knew that after fusing with this spirit soul, he would lose any chance of achieving his dream of becoming a powerful Soul Master. But what could he do?

He gently touched the spirit soul ball within his hand. A spirit soul didn’t possess much of a material existence, much less a low grade spirit soul such as this one.

His finger gently passed through the Grass Snake’s body. It seemed to have felt it, as it uncoiled itself. Even though it had an illusory form, it was still able to twist around his finger and intimately stick out its little forked tongue as if to lick him.

He brought his hand up to his face, allowing him to clearly look into the Grass Snake spirit soul’s small brown eyes. Its eyes were cloudy and unfocused, with a hint of terror to its confusion.

It was also a living being and would permanently dissipate if he didn’t fuse with it within twenty-four hours.

‘A trash martial soul and a defective spirit soul. That’s very fitting.’ Tang Wulin mocked himself as he flipped his palm, releasing soul power to summon a faint blue halo from which the Bluesilver Grass appeared from.

The Grass Snake could instinctively sense the existence of the Bluesilver Grass as it climbed up Tang Wulin’s finger, quickly reaching the Bluesilver Grass.

The soft blue light glowi

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