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Chapter 1 – Awakening Day

Glorybound City was a small town sitting on the border between the ocean and the eastern coast of the Sun Moon Federation.

Today was an exceptionally bustling day in the city, it was the annual Awakening Day.

All of the people residing upon the Douluo Continent possessed something called a “martial soul.” The martial soul was a part of the body which could be awakened when they became six years old, regardless of whether they were animals or plants. Through the means of an awakening ceremony, they were able to awaken their own martial soul. This was precisely the purpose of the annual Awakening Day, to awaken their martial souls.

If someone’s martial soul was a hoe, then their ability to till the fields would far exceed those of others. If instead they had an animal for a martial soul, they might possess some of the abilities of said animal. Due to this, the martial soul had long since become the most significant factor in determining someone’s life.

However, the emergence of soul power was even more important. Soul power was a type of energy that nourished and upgraded the martial soul. Although everyone possessed a martial soul, only one in a thousand people might possess soul power.

The soul power rank represented someone’s future and power. As soon as their martial soul was awakened, they could cultivate soul power in order to nourish and upgrade their martial soul. Thus, over the 100,000 years the Douluo Continent has existed, the most noble profession has been that of a Soul Master.

Due to this, even commoners would look forward to their children becoming six years old and awakening their martial soul, in hopes that they would possess soul power. If they possessed soul power, their lives would be transformed, benefitting them and their whole family.

The moment dawn arrived, the streets in front of the Red Mountain Academy were packed. The streets were flooded with parents and their children who had come to participate in the Awakening.

“Dad, what do you think my martial soul will be?” A small boy, just barely six years old, said with excitement as he looked towards his father. He loved to listen to his father’s stories about Soul Masters. He had a pair of large eyes filled with a longing for the future.

The young boy had a head full of short black hair and a stature slightly taller than others of the same age. However, his most attractive feature were his large, clear black eyes and long eyelashes which wouldn’t lose to a girl at all. Even with his commoner’s clothing, his outstanding appearance could easily draw the eyes of others.

His father was a middle aged man who shared a similar appearance. He had a medium build and an average height, everything about him was just average.

“Dad doesn’t know either. It all depends on luck.” His father released a gloomy sigh within his heart. Actually, the Awakening Day was a decisive day that decided one’s life and future. Whe

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