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Chapter 8 – Learning to Forge

“Wait a moment.” Tang Ziran called out to Tang Wulin.

“What is it dad?”

Tang Ziran patted the chair beside him. “Come and sit down. Dad has something to discuss with you.”

“Oh.” Tang Wulin went over, sitting beside his father while giving him a suspicious look.

Tang Ziran said, “Son, you chose the path of becoming a Soul Master so dad will support you. However, you must understand that you will face many challenges. This not only includes your studies, but also at home.”

“Once a Soul Master cultivates to rank 10, they will require a soul ring in order to break through. In the distant past, you could obtain a soul ring by hunting soul beasts. However, ten thousand years later, that is now, we have discovered through research that the spirit soul is superior to soul rings. In fact, high level spirit souls can possess the ability to grow, furthermore, they can be artificially manufactured. Thus, spirit souls are equivalent to soul rings. The various ranks of spirit souls can bestow a Soul Master with one or more soul rings. However, for us commoners we can only buy them from the Spirit Pagoda.”

“Dad can’t do anything about this with my meager wage. I make just enough to provide for our household. However, with the addition of Na’er and how much you two eat, dad will be hard pressed to buy even the lowest grade spirit soul for you when you cultivate to rank 10 soul power.

“There are two methods to get a spirit soul from the Spirit Pagoda. The first is to be a genius Soul Master with an exceedingly fast cultivation speed. Those geniuses will be be granted their first spirit soul free of charge. However, it’s clear that your Bluesilver Grass won’t qualify for that opportunity. Therefore, we are left only with the second method of purchasing one.”

Tang Wulin was stunned at his father’s words. He had never considered this problem before. That’s right! Soul Masters required soul rings. soul rings could be obtained from soul beasts or from a spirit soul. Soul beasts were exceedingly rare now, making it very difficult to obtain a high grade soul ring from them. His only option was to purchase one.

As a six year old child his concept of money was still quite faint, yet the issue of money was now forced upon him.

“What should I do then dad?”

Tang Ziran bitterly laughed, “This is the extent of dad’s abilities. In the next few years, dad will work hard to earn enough money to at least help you out a little bit. However, you will still have to rely on your own efforts. Do you still remember Uncle Mang Tian?”

“I remember! Isn’t he the one who visited us before?” The image of a tall rugged middle aged man appeared within Tang Wulin’s mind.

Tang Ziran said, “Your Uncle Mang Tian is an outstanding blacksmith. I’ve told him about our circumstances and he said that he can give you the opportunity to apprentice under him. For two hours everyday, over the next three months, he will t

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