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"Thump!" An irregular "大" character appeared on the ground; this was the figure of A'Ruheng.

Tang Wulin was completely dumbstruck by this sudden turn of events. He simply couldn't understand what had just happened!

After handing Sima Jinchi over to Yali for treatment, he hurried over to the crater in the ground and pulled A'Ruheng out of it.

A'Ruheng possessed far superior physical resistance compared to Sima Jinchi, but his battle armor was also quite damaged, and there were many charred patches on his body as well.

Tang Wulin wore a speechless expression as he asked, "What happened, Senior Disciple Brother?"

A'Ruheng turned to Tang Wulin with a resigned expression. "At the time, I was thinking: how could a woman be so ugly? AND I hugged her! Eurgh..."

Tang Wulin really wanted to throw him back into the crater after hearing his thoughts! Sima Jinchi's thoughts were most likely much the same.

Thus, Spirit Academy won the first two-on-two match, but it was a completely inexplicable victory.

The Shrek Academy duo had been dominating their opponents, and victory was literally within their grasp, but they had suffered a stunning defeat, and Sima Jinchi was severely injured, so he clearly couldn't participate in the final seven-on-seven match.

How did this happen?! Tang Wulin had been very confident in this pair.

Sima Jinchi and A'Ruheng were constantly bickering with one another, but they had actually been cultivating together for a very long time, and despite their argumentative relationship, they had a high level of tacit understanding with each other. As such, they were able to confuse the opponent, then display their exemplary teamwork when it mattered. On top of that, both of them possessed Hyper Douluo level powers, so individually, they were actually more powerful than some members of Shrek’s Seven Monsters.

Qiangu Dongfeng's expression was also very peculiar. He had also been very confident in the Bai sisters, and his heart had completely sunk when Sima Jinchi had sealed all light elements. He was well aware of just how powerful Ephemeral Light was; this was a soul fusion skill that was close to the Limit Douluo level in power, and even if he were to come up against it, he would only be able to passively defend until they ran out of soul power.

Once the two of them became Hyper Douluos, their soul fusion skill would truly reach the Limit Douluo level, thereby making them an important trump card for the Spirit Pagoda.

But who could've predicted that there would be an opponent capable of sealing light to such a complete extent? Without their soul fusion skill, the Bai sisters were far less formidable. Almost all of their practical combat training had been done with their soul fusion skill, and it would be a great pity if they were to be defeated under these circumstances.

However, who could've imagined that two screams would suddenly turn the tables?

Even though the match had been wo

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