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Ling Zichen rolled her eyes at Tang Wulin before giving a cold harrumph, and only then did she make her way into the room.

Tang Wulin turned to Zang Xin with a resigned expression, while Zang Xin gave him a comforting look.

By the time Tang Wulin and Ling Zichen emerged from the Tang Sect headquarters, it was already dark outside. However, they had no intention of spending the night in Heaven Dou City. Instead, they were going to return to Shrek Academy overnight to begin the preparatory work.

Time was of the essence, so they couldn't afford any delays.

In the driver's seat, Liu Jingyun couldn't help but feel like something was off. Ling Zichen seemed to have become a lot colder, while Tang Wulin had a contemplative look in his eyes. Liu Jingyun didn't know what had happened, but the two of them seemed to have grown apart somehow.

Did they have a fight? In any case, Liu Jingyun didn't dare to ask.

The car gradually sped up as it entered the highway, and Liu Jingyun focused on his driving, paying no further heed to the situation behind him. He didn't want to think about Tang Wulin and Ling Zichen's relationship anyway.

All of a sudden, a chill ran down Liu Jingyun's spine. There was a constant temperature maintained within the car, but this chilling sensation seemed to have welled up in his body.

Could this have been caused by the emotional fluctuations of the two people behind him? That was his first thought, but he quickly dismissed it.

Just as he was about to raise the alarm, a scorching sensation suddenly erupted behind him. Immediately thereafter, the car shuddered violently, and a burst of power swept into the car from above, forcing the car to slow down, but not causing it to veer out of control.

The night was illuminated by golden light, and only then did Liu Jingyun discover that a large area ahead had already turned a grey color.

A figure was slowly making his way toward them from within that vast grey area, while Tang Wulin was hovering in the air above with golden scales all over his body, looking on at the man emerging from the grey world.

Even before Liu Jingyun had sensed that something was wrong, Tang Wulin had already arrived at the same realization, and he tore open the roof of the car with his golden dragon claws before rising up into the air, but he didn't attempt to flee. Liu Jingyun and Ling Zichen were still down below, so he couldn't just escape.

He had grown too complacent in the end as the opposition had disappeared for such a long time. In addition to that, there wasn't much distance between Shrek City and Heaven Dou City, and there were multiplied Limit Douluos on both ends, so he didn't think that the opposition would choose to strike here.

"Infernal King Douluo Harosha!" Tang Wulin mused in a grim voice.

Indeed, the man who had emerged from the grey world was none other than Infernal King Douluo Harosha, a true quasigod.

With every step that he took, th

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