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By his calculations, his lifespan would be extended by at least 30 years if he were to stay and cultivate at Shrek Academy for the rest of his life.

What could be more alluring than this? Through its will, the tree of life had told him that any member of his family would have the right to cultivate beside it once they reached the Limit Douluo level.

Why was it that Long Yeyue had dared to return to her youthful appearance? It was because she didn't have to worry about the life force that she had to expend to keep up this appearance.The tree of life had always been, and still remained the true core of Shrek Academy.

This was why Yuanen Zhentian and the entire Yuanen Family had become extremely loyal to Shrek Academy.

Back when Yuanen Zhentian had first decided to move the family, there had been many dissenting voices, but once they arrived and received the resources offered to them by Shrek Academy, all of those voices had turned into one of unanimous support for their family leader's wise decision. In this environment, the Yuanen Family was definitely heading toward a brighter future. After all, the Yuanen Family was currently the most powerful family of Shrek Academy!

Yuanen Yehui was the future of their family, and she was already a member of the Sea God's Pavilion. The fact that their family had two members in the Sea God's Pavilion was sufficient testament to just how important they were to Shrek Academy.

As a result, the Yuanen Family had already completely integrated itself into Shrek Academy, and both Long Yeyue and Yali had fully approved of this.

Outstanding teachers were what Shrek Academy currently lacked the most, and there certainly weren't many hidden families that possessed two Limit Douluos like the Yuanen Family.

As such, it was truly a blessing for Shrek Academy to have been able to recruit them.

In addition to those two Limit Douluos, the Yuanen Family also possessed many Titled Douluos, and they all had the exceptional Titan Giant Ape martial soul.

As such, the Yuanen Family had truly become a pillar of Shrek Academy.

Furthermore, even though the Yuanen Family was very powerful, it wasn't powerful enough to dominante Shrek Academy. Shrek Academy still had Long Yeyue and Yali, as well as the current Shrek’s Seven Monsters, which were all developing rapidly, so they were still clearly superior to the Yuanen Family in terms of overall power.

In addition to that, the fact that Yuanen Yehui was a member of both sides allowed them to establish a relationship of absolute trust, and that wasn't even taking into account the influence of Er Ming.

Thus, the Yuanen Family was quickly accepted by the entire Shrek Academy. Aside from Yuanen Zhentian, who wasn't going to be actively teaching due to his age, even Yuanen Tiandang was currently a true teacher of Shrek Academy.

Yuanen Tianshang was also teaching in the outer court, and after coming to Shrek Academy, he had gradually becom

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