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Chapter369 - The Mighty Diamond Baboon

Even back when soul beasts littered the land, Titan Giant Apes and Diamond Baboons would be at each other’s throats the moment they laid eyes on each other. Diamond Baboons knew they couldn’t kill the Titan Giant Apes, but they would rather die trying. Yuanen Yehui bore no grudge against this Diamond Baboon, but as soon as she unleashed her Titan Giant Ape martial soul, her eyes went crimson with fury. The Diamond Baboon beat its chest and roared, then dropped onto all fours and bounded toward her.

Tang Wulin understood how powerful this baboon was and chose not to use his bluesilver grass. It couldn’t possibly stand up to the baboon’s strength as it currently was. Instead, he opted to use his Golden Dragon King abilities, immediately activating Golden Dragon Body. A brilliant golden soul ring appeared beside him as he devoured a red bean bun, and charged at the baboon.

“Yuanen is just becoming less and less womanly,” Xie Xie muttered to himself. He sighed, then rushed over to join Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui, approaching from the Diamond Baboon’s flank like a proper agility-type soul master.

Once the three rushed out, Yue Zhengyu unfurled his pure white wings and used his second soul skill, a holy sword materializing in his hand. Gu Yue directed the elements in the air, her hands moving nonstop.

Every single one of them acted in perfect sync!

As the rest of her team sprang into action, Yuanen Yehui crashed into the Diamond Baboon, the air around them exploding into a frenzied gale.

With Diamond Titan activated, she stood a little over five meters tall. Although her frame was far bulkier than before, she was still a far cry from the Diamond Baboon’s muscular mass. She also couldn’t match its overwhelming physical strength. The clash sent her flying, but the baboon only staggered back two steps.

The red bean bun had boosted Yuanen Yehui’s strength by no small amount, but she was still lacking in comparison with the Diamond Baboon.

Just as the Diamond Baboon recovered from the recoil, Tang Wulin arrived.

Standing before the towering ten-meter tall baboon, Tang Wulin resembled a baby. However, his blood essence surged within him, its flow reversing as a dragon roared from the depths of his body. Although he had eaten numerous pork buns after the previous trial, his blood essence hadn’t been fully replenished. Yet the Bloodthirst Bean Bun more than made up for him not being in peak condition. It made him feel the same as when he had eaten those ten gigantic bowls of noodles. It made his blood boil, and his blood essence flowed in reverse, breaking through the eighty-five percent bottleneck to reach ninety percent! His blood essence bubbled with power. Under the effects of Golden Dragon Body and the bloodthirst of the red bean bun, his strength reached an all-time high!

Tang Wulin clenched his clawed hand into a fist and sent it straight at the Diamond Baboo

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