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Chapter354 - Yuanen Yehui's Condition

Shrek Academy’s curriculum was by no means simple. The available lectures spanned a wide variety of topics. However, there were few assessments of learning. The students were responsible for making sure they thoroughly understood the material. The Academy followed an old saying: the master shows the door, but the student walks through it. Every student of Shrek Academy was a genius, so a teaching style fit for geniuses was necessary.

Everyone spent their afternoons consolidating their knowledge, cultivating, refining their bodies, studying, or practicing their professions. Everyone had their own path, so none of the teachers could tell students how to cultivate. Students could ask a teacher if they had any questions, but this cost contribution points.

It only took a few days for new students to realize the importance of contribution points. Contribution points could buy the very best cultivation resources that Shrek Academy had to offer, but without them, one would get nothing. In the case of the latter, the only thing students could do was earn points or work hard cultivating the old fashioned way.

Plant-type soul masters like Tang Wulin could spend their contribution points on entrance to a special cultivation space called the Boundless Forest. This forest was constructed by Shrek Academy, and it was filled with every plant imaginable. It practically pulsed with life. If a plant-type soul master cultivated there, their cultivation speed would double! However, entry came at a steep price. An hour in the Boundless Forest cost five hundred points.

Back when they first entered Shrek Academy, Yuanen Yehui bought Tang Wulin lunch in exchange for his services. Tang Wulin managed to save points that way, and he later used those points to try cultivating in the Boundless Forest. The effects of that miraculous space had been clear to him. In the time he spent there, both his soul power and bluesilver grass grew far more than they would have in the outside world. Tang Wulin had calculated the cost-efficiency of using the Boundless Forest. He came to the conclusion that, if he continued using it everyday, it would only take him at most three years to reach rank 40, and that was a conservative estimate.

The Academy offered everything its students could ever need. Even the selection of spirit items here surpassed that of the auctions in the outside world. However, federal coins were useless in the Academy. Only contribution points were accepted. Every student lacked contribution points. The thought of exchanging points for federal coins never crossed their minds.

Although Tang Wulin was embarrassingly short on points at the moment, he was happy enough that he no longer had to worry about food expenses. He currently devoted all his time to improving his forging skills and had no time to think about making a profit.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of student life, everyone trudged forwar

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