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Chapter 377 - Genius Youths Ranking? What's That?

The rotund Xu Lizhi immediately became the center of attention, but Tang Wulin’s eyes were glued to Ye Xinglan. He was surprised at how much she had changed over the past few years.

They were ten years old the last time they met. Three years later, Ye Xinglan had blossomed into a beauty. She stood around 160 centimeters tall, her slender figure accented by legs that seemed to go on forever. Like Xu Xiaoyan, her looks caused the hearts of all to tremble, drawing everyone’s gaze after they had recovered from Xu Lizhi’s hulking mass.

However, she still had on a serious expression. It was one thing that didn’t change since their last meeting. She still regarded everyone else coldly, an invisible barrier forming around her.

“Since you two transferred in late, you can take the empty seats in the back. We’re preparing for our match against the second grade right now. You’re free to join a team as well. I hope you’ll be able to fit in quickly,” Shen Yi said.

When Xu Lizhi had said he and Ye Xinglan might transfer to the outer court, Tang Wulin was doubtful at first. It seemed like such an improbable situation. Yet here they were. Xu Lizhi and Ye Xinglan were now his classmates.

Ye Xinglan had left a deep impression on Tang Wulin. Her Stargod Sword had reminded him of Wu Zhangkong, and he knew her strength couldn’t simply be measured by her cultivation.

Shen Yi left, but everyone’s eyes were still focused on the two newcomers. The majority of the gazes, however, zeroed in on Ye Xinglan.

Luo Guixing approached them first, greeting Ye Xinglan with a warm smile. “Hi, I’m Luo Guixing. May I ask how many soul rings you have?”

Ye Xinglan glanced at him before walking toward the back of the classroom, not bothering to say a word.

Luo Guixing stood there, stunned. His handsome good looks, gentle smile, and status as someone on the Genius Youths Ranking had never failed to charm anyone before. He had absolute confidence in himself, yet Ye Xinglan didn’t even spare him a second glance! Her attitude toward him was frigid as ice.

The other students cleared a path as Ye Xinglan strode off. Meanwhile, Tang Wulin ran to Xu Lizhi’s side, patting him on the shoulder. “We’re classmates now, so you should join my team. I really want you.”

Xu Lizhi hushed him. “Can’t you be a bit quieter? People are going to misunderstand!” Gu Yue couldn’t help but giggle as she watched the two from the side.

After fighting shoulder-to-shoulder in the tower attack, Tang Wulin trusted Xu Lizhi, and his companions knew Xu Lizhi’s strength was more than sufficient to make him a good teammate.

“Wulin,” Xu Lizhi said in near whisper. “Can you invite Xinglan too? With her personality, she’ll just end up all alone if you don’t. I can’t bear to see her like that!”

“Sure!” Tang Wulin held no grudge against her. Their team would gain another cornerstone if she agreed to join. He could only

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