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Chapter345 - The First Battle Armor Piece

The main purpose of making one-word battle armor was to prepare for the future. Once the time came for Tang Wulin’s group to make two-word battle armor, they would be able to use completely new materials. They wouldn’t be restricted to the metals they chose now.

Upon entering their rented workshop, awe shone in Luo Guixing’s eyes when he saw how large it was. “Elder Feng treats you really well.”

The workshop was at least 150 square meters in area. The space was at least twice as large as what people could normally rent, and it was filled with all the best equipment and tools. An empty shelf for metals stood off to one side. All of this came at the cheap price of one thousand contribution points a month. Now this was the benefit of having connections.

Tang Wulin smiled shyly. “We can talk about that after I thousand refine your metals. Gu Yue, have you drawn up any rough designs yet? We’ll need to discuss them before I get to forging.”

Gu Yue nodded. “I’ve already been getting feedback from the other two these past few days. I understand your situation as well, so I was able to get some first drafts done.”

She walked over to the forging table and took blueprints out of her storage ring. With one in hand, she turned to face them. “For the first piece of our battle armors, I decided on armor for our right hands. I chose this piece because it’s the easiest to use in combat and will immediately result in the largest increase in power.”

She unfurled the blueprint in her hands, then pointed at the various drawings. “Hand armor is made of separate parts that cover the actual hand, extend past the forearm, and go all the way to the elbow. So really, it’s armor for both your hand and forearm. This is the design I drafted for you.”

“You chose heavy silver, the main property of which is soul power amplification. After thinking about what would suit you best, I concluded that, since your hand can transform into the golden dragon claw, it would be essential for your hand armor to expand alongside it. To accomodate that, I added a transformation circuit core in the palm that will allow the armor to transform along with your arm. I also left holes in the fingertips of the armor for your claws since they’re already extremely sharp weapons anyway. To amplify your blood essence and soul power, I added circuit cores to the back of the hand armor. This is a dual-loop circuit core I specially designed…”

Gu Yue went over the entire design without leaving out a single detail. Tang Wulin was stunned by how meticulous and complex her work was.

Designers are awesome! This was Tang Wulin’s first time learning about circuit cores and seeing the complexity hidden within designs. Making this design a reality would clearly be difficult.

Tang Wulin stole a glance at Wu Siduo and Luo Guixing. He couldn’t discern any strange change in expression, a clear sign that Gu Yue’s design was on

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