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Chapter349 - Saint Blacksmith's Notebook

Mu Chen glanced at the jade silver in Tang Wulin's hands and then switched his attention to his student. "Of course you can take it," he said.

This piece of jade silver was first-grade thousand refined. Normally, the grade of the metal was finalized after the first forging, but alloys were different. If the alloys forged still retained their life, then they could be reforged a second or third time. The higher the grade of the alloy, the more times this was possible. By the second forging, most blacksmiths were able to grasp the essence of the metal and bring out it’s true potential. Compared to most spirit refined metals, the jade silver in Tang Wulin’s hands was far more valuable.

Mu Chen’s stare grew blank. He was at a loss, unsure how to progress with his student’s instruction.

Tang Wulin’s success proved the validity of Feng Wuyu’s teaching methods. After a few short days of lectures, he was able to fuse forge. His next step was to polish his technique and practice forging more alloys. Spirit refining would naturally follow, and by the way things were looking he would become a sixth-rank blacksmith in no more than three years. Not only that, Tang Wulin made up for his lacking soul power with his blood essence soul ring, and coupled with his powerful draconic bloodline, he was stronger than other blacksmiths.

Now this was what it meant to be gifted! He belonged at Shrek Academy truly, no doubt about it. Only here could his monstrous talent blossom into a stunning flower.

“Take this.” Mu Chen retrieved from his storage ring a book and handed it over

Tang Wulin accepted the book. He inspected it, noticing its lack of any titles.

“This notebook contains everything I know about spirit refining and alloy forging.” Mu Chen watched as the sound of his words brought his student’s line of sight back to his own. “I was going to wait for you to become more familiar with spirit refining before giving it to you, but it seems you’re ready.

“Honestly speaking, you’re growing faster than I ever expected. Once you reach a certain level, there wouldn’t be much I can do for you besides warning you if you ever stray down the wrong path. Never forget that your perception and efforts are crucial to advancing as a blacksmith. Take a look through the notebook when you have some time. Every blacksmith has their own forging style, so cross-reference it with both Feng Wuyu’s and your own. Keep it safe and don’t lose it. I wrote some of my secret alloy formulas in there. You can’t let anyone else read it, understood?”

“Got it.” Tang Wulin gazed at the notebook like it was a treasure. Its pages contained all of an eighth-rank Saint Blacksmith’s knowledge pertaining to spirit refining and alloy forging! Not to mention, secret formulas. It was truly priceless no matter how anyone thought of it..

Mu Chen smiled warmly at Tang Wulin’s gentle handling of the notebook. “This is all I

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