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Chapter364 - Seconds


Both Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu frowned at the idea of Tang Wulin going in alone. The Demon Lizard Dragon in front of them was definitely above the four-thousand-year level, and like any other draconic beast, it was extremely powerful and savage.

“Just let him handle it,” Gu Yue said, already sitting on the ground off to the side. She didn’t even bother looking to see how Tang Wulin was doing before closing her eyes to meditate. “We can use this time to rest.”

The Demon Lizard Dragon had a fiery temper, so Tang Wulin’s approach was more than enough to draw its full attention. It pounced at Tang Wulin at an unimaginable speed that didn’t match its bulk, one that would leave any who saw it move flabbergasted. Six webbed wings spread from its back while its tail whipped at the ground and hissed through the air. The room seemed to grow dim, and the dragon reached Tang Wulin in the blink of an eye, its mouth open wide to devour him.

At that moment, a low roar shook the room. Yue Zhengyu and Yuanen Yehui stopped their bickering and turned to see Tang Wulin soar into the air, his body surrounded in golden light. A golden soul ring appeared around him, and the roar grew to its full intensity, the air trembling before its draconic majesty. In the face of this mighty roar, the arrogant Demon Lizard Dragon froze in mid-air. Then its wings went limp and it crashed to the ground with a dull rumble.

This scene left everyone stupefied, overwhelmed by confusion. They saw Tang Wulin drop through the air and neatly land atop the Demon Lizard Dragon’s head. He readied his claw, then thrust it into the back of the dragon’s head, burying his entire arm into its skull and piercing into its brain.

The dragon’s body spasmed for a moment, then went still.

Yue Zhengyu and Yuanen Yehui stood there dumbstruck, racking their brains to try and make sense of what they just witnessed. Yuanen Yehui was confident in her strength, but she knew it would be a challenge for her to take down a four-thousand-year Demon Lizard Dragon on her own. Yet Tang Wulin singlehandedly slaughtered the beast as easily as cutting paper. This was simply inconceivable!

Tang Wulin turned to his team with a casual look on his face, almost as if nothing noteworthy had happened. On the inside, however, he was actually quite surprised.

The second he engaged the Demon Lizard Dragon in battle, Tang Wulin used Golden Dragon Body and reversed the flow of his blood essence. The aura of the Golden Dragon King exploded from his body and stunned the dragon, leaving it open to Tang Wulin’s attack. This made its demise a swift one, but when he thrust his right arm into the dragon’s head, a warm energy flowed into him and caused his blood essence to flare up.

The energy stimulated his blood essence and pushed Dragon Shocks the Heavens from eighty percent to eighty-five!

Tang Wulin needed to practice restraint when progressing with

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