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Chapter351 - The Right Path

A golden soul ring appeared around Tang Wulin, bathing him in its glow. He activated Golden Dragon Body, and the ring’s glow intensified, enveloping his figure with brilliant light. His aura surged forth blood essence flooded through his body, filling it with strength. Then his hands slowed down, and the flow of his blood essence reversed. He pulled one hand back toward him, then moved both of them along a peculiar path. As he did, his blood essence became more potent, and the golden light around him grew even more radiant. The faint roar of a dragon broke the quiet of the forest. It didn’t come from Tang Wulin’s mouth, but instead resonated from his blood essence. Despite how soft the roar was, its oppressive might was clear.

It sounded as if a slumbering dragon were awakening.

Tang Wulin’s hands continued to move slower and slower and the draconic roar grew weaker. After ten minutes, the roar faded into silence and his blood essence returned to normal.

He let out a long breath, then shook his head. This isn’t how it went!

Ever since Zhuo Shi showed Tang Wulin Dragon Shocks the Heavens, he had been practicing it every day after dinner. He had determined that his blood essence was the most potent around that time. However, he had yet to succeed in mimicking Zhuo Shi movements even once.

It was hard for Tang Wulin to control his blood essence. When he practiced, his heartbeat would accelerate, and his blood essence would surge through his meridians, filling them to the brim and straining his body. Despite all the progress he had made thus far, Tang Wulin could only succeed in circulating his blood essence one-third of the way. Even so, he felt his blood essence grow thicker every time, toughening up his meridians, muscles, and viscera. He was certain that this would aid him in breaking future Golden Dragon King seals. The only unfortunate side effect was that his appetite had grown as well.

It was then that Tang Wulin understood just how much he needed to thank Feng Wuyu. If he hadn’t met that crazy old man, he would still be wracking his brains trying to figure out how to feed himself every day. With that taken care of, he could wholeheartedly throw himself into cultivating and blacksmithing!

After his blood essence settled, Tang Wulin sat down and began practicing the Mysterious Heaven Method. Cultivating in the forest allowed him to put in half the work for twice the benefits!

Back in their dorm room, Xie Xie paced back and forth, struggling with indecision. In the end, he resolved himself and walked over to the curtain dividing the room. “Come here for a second, Gu Yue. I have something I need to talk to you about.”

Gu Yue was usually gone in the afternoons, be it to draft battle armor designs or go to wherever she usually disappeared to, but it was evening now, and she had returned not too long ago.

“Hm?” Gu Yue answered with suspicion, but got up and wa

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