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Chapter368 - Yuanen Yehui's Choice

Light blinded Tang Wulin’s team of six as they stepped into the hall of the twelfth trial. Once it dimmed enough for them to see their surroundings, they found themselves in a hall identical to that of the eleventh trial. Wasting no time, Xu Lizhi quickly distributed red bean buns to the rest of the team.

“Pay attention to your teamwork, guys,” he said. “My Bloodthirst Bean Buns can boost your physical strength up to fifty percent and your soul power by twenty. Power-type soul masters or soul masters with vigorous blood essence will have their physical strength boosted even more. I call it the bloodthirst effect.”

Everyone’s eyes were glued to Xu Lizhi, not a single one of them paying any attention to the door of light disappearing behind them. These red bean buns boost both physical strength and soul power? And he can even give one to everyone? What an amazing food-type soul master! Is that really just his third soul skill?

Xu Lizhi smiled wryly. “I’m a bit surprised by it myself. My teacher told me that it’s a variant soul skill. Its effect might be potent, but it only lasts for three minutes. It’ll also leave you in a weakened state after expiring, the length of which differs between people. Wulin, for example, will probably only be weak for ten minutes. However, if you rely on spiritual power to fight and have a weak constitution, I think the weakened state will last about an hour.”

Bloodthirst lasts for three minutes! Tang Wulin gulped, eyes glued to the red bean bun in his hand. “What happens if I eat more than one?”

Xu Lizhi frantically waved his hand. “No, don't eat more than one! The side effects will be too great if you do. Well, you might be able to handle two, but the bloodthirst effect would only last one minute, its effect would be twice as strong, and you’d be weak for a whole day afterward. No one else’s body is strong enough to eat two, and if they did, they’d die. Bloodthirst is supposed to ignite one’s soul power and essence to draw forth a burst of strength, but the buns allow this to happen without any permanent side effects. So, just to be safe, don’t eat more than one of them a day.”

“It’s amazing enough as it is!” exclaimed Yue Zhengyu.

Xu Lizhi hadn’t participated in a single battle throughout the entire tower attack, but that was just common sense for a food-type soul master like him. This didn’t upset anyone because they all knew that, without his pork buns, they would have long since exhausted all their soul power and never would have made it this far. Now he revealed the secrets baked into his shocking red bean buns!

As everyone stowed their buns away, the hall’s giant metal door began rumbling.

“Prepare for battle!” Tang Wulin shouted. The thunder beast from the eleventh trial had left a deep impression on them, as did the Demon Lizard Dragon. If it weren’t for Tang Wulin, the dragon would have been a far more challenging opponent. W

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