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Chapter357 - Little Goldlight

Tang Wulin’s eyes now shone a brilliant gold as his blood essence continued to surge toward the heavens. It rapidly progressed along the Dragon Shocks the Heaven’s pathway, going past the fifty percent mark and reaching sixty percent, then seventy percent! Once his blood essence travelled eighty percent of the pathway, a bottleneck appeared. Tang Wulin felt as if his entire being were working to stop his blood essence from advancing any further. The whirlpool of energy that raged inside of his body rapidly expanded, but try as it might, it could not break through the barrier within him.

As his stomach ballooned, Tang Wulin’s entire body turned gold. He suddenly found it difficult to breathe, almost as if the air had grown thinner. Pain tormented him, but he couldn’t stop now. He could only let his blood essence continue to gather and compress in his stomach. All of the blood essence in his body move with his soul power to gather at that one spot. Despite how tough his body and his meridians were, he felt as if he were about to explode.

Not good! My energies are deviating! Tang Wulin knew he had acted too impulsively. His blood essence was currently too wild for him to practice Dragon Shocks the Heavens. His actions were a far cry from progressing step by step. He was advancing by leaps and bounds! As positive as this was, it had also lead to his current crisis.

A few days ago, he visited Zhuo Shi seeking guidance. Zhuo Shi had told Tang Wulin that he would help him advance to the next level once he could fill sixty percent of the circulation pathway.

Yet he had rushed straight through eighty percent of the pathway! He had yet to learn what to do from here and now faced a fatal problem.

If his energies completely deviated, he truly would explode!

“Fool.” A voice suddenly resounded in his mind. “Reversing the flow of your blood essence is indeed a way to refine both your viscera and meridians, but you were too hasty. You are nowhere near ready to breakthrough. Divert some of the energy to your spirit soul.”

It was the voice of Old Tang. Once again, he appeared at a critical time to save Tang Wulin.

Spirit soul? That’s right! I have Goldlight! At his bidding, Goldlight slithered out of Tang Wulin’s body and coiled around his torso.

Goldlight gently absorbed a portion of Tang Wulin’s blood essence, thin threads of gold leaving him and entering the snake. Tang Wulin’s body quickly returned to normal, and he was no longer in danger of cultivation deviation. If his raging blood essence had broken past his meridians and moved on to attack his viscera, his life would have been in danger. Now, however, his blood essence gradually calmed to the point that he could once again control its flow and direct it throughout his body. Warmth washed over him, soothing his pain as everything returned to normal.

“Don’t be so impatient next time,” Old Tang said sternly. “Take your time

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