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Chapter359 - Entering the Tower

No one knew just how deep Shrek Academy’s foundation ran, and neither did anyone know how rich or how many masters the Spirit Pagoda had.

“Gu Yue, where’s the spirit soul tower?” Tang Wulin asked.

No trace of the awkwardness from the heated car ride remained.

“It’s inside the headquarters,” said Gu Yue. “It’s not actually a physical building. Think virtual. The technology used to make it is even more advanced than what was used for the spirit ascension platform. The tower is one of the Spirit Pagoda’s most important assets. Follow me everyone.”

They climbed the stairs to the entrance. After registering their identities, they could step foot within.

“When did getting admittance into the Spirit Pagoda headquarters become so fast? They’ve really raised their efficiency!” exclaimed Yue Zhengyu.

Tang Wulin glanced at Gu Yue. He recalled her flashing a badge at the staff member while they were registering.

The first floor was a majestic hall larger than those of other Spirit Pagoda branches Tang Wulin had visited.

Murals covered the walls, stretching along the domed ceiling. Although these murals weren’t eye catching in size, through sheer number they depicted an epic tale of an age long gone.

Tang Wulin spun around in place as he searched for the mural that began the tale. He spotted it a moment later. It hung above the center of the domed ceiling, a gigantic eye of a color Tang Wulin could not put into words. A simple glance and it were as though it was sucking out one’s soul.

A Spirit Eye? Is that the Spirit Ice Douluo’s martial soul?

Each mural in the Spirit Pagoda headquarters depicted scenes from the Spirit Ice Douluo’s legend.

Tang Wulin could spot Shrek Academy among the artwork. This hadn’t surprised him as The Spirit Ice Douluo was originally a Shrek Academy student! The murals recorded all of his great accomplishments.

“The murals are beautiful. Look, that’s the Spirit Ice Douluo’s wife, Dragon Butterfly Tang Wutong.” Xu Xiaoyan pointed at a mural. “The legends say that together with the Spirit Ice Douluo, they have a grand total of four amazing soul fusion skills!”

Tang Wulin followed her finger and took in the image of a gigantic blue butterfly, a golden ‘V’ emblazoned on its back. The word beautiful couldn’t begin to describe her. She was a goddess.

“Let’s go. We have business to take care of.” Since Gu Yue was familiar with the hall, the murals didn’t affect her much. She took the lead, heading deeper into the building.

This section of the hall was vast and empty. The only things present were a reception counter and some elevators. Gu Yue led them to a red elevator, flashing her badge. The door opened and she ushered everyone in.

“The red elevator is specially reserved for high-ranking Spirit Pagoda members!” Yue Zhengyu exclaimed. “Gu Yue, just who are you?”

She spared him a glance, then shook her head in silenc

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