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Chapter361 - Advancing

“First trial cleared,” an electronic voice announced. “You may choose to absorb a thousand-year wind wolf spirit soul! You have ten seconds to decide.”

A golden door appeared before Tang Wulin and his team. It wasn’t as large as the one that brought them here, but it was equally as mysterious and a transparent wind wolf hovered in front of it.

“Let’s go!” Tang Wulin waved to his companions as he stepped through the door.

All of them could choose to fuse with the transparent wind wolf floating in front of the door. But they simply rejected it and continued to the second trial. They stepped through the doorway in a flash of light, and the next moment, they found themselves in a room identical to before. It was an octagonal room with eight metal doors as well.

Light flashed in Tang Wulin’s eyes as he motioned to his companions. They reformed their triangle formation without another word. Xu Lizhi, however, sat down to meditate instead of using his soul skills. All seven hailed from Shrek Academy, so every one of them possessed exceptional judgement and perception. Xu Lizhi didn’t use his soul skills because, after the first trial, he became confident in the strength of his teammates. As a support-type soul master, it was crucial for him to properly decide how much soul power to spend on each of his teammates.

Furious roars suddenly began filling the air as the eight doors suddenly opened. Eight giant flaming lions emerged, one from each door. They were blazing demon lions, old friends of class zero.

A smile formed on Tang Wulin’s lips. It looks like the spirit soul tower isn’t that different from the spirit ascension platform. Both possess similar soul beasts!

Judging from their figures and energy levels, Tang Wulin could tell that they were all female blazing demon lions of the hundred-year level. However, they were at least five-hundred-years or above.

Before anyone could say anything, Xie Xie stepped forward. “Let me handle this,” he said, dashing straight at the lions.

Tang Wulin sat down and began meditating, and the others followed suit. Their goal was not on the lower floors. Even if these floors yielded thousand-year spirit souls, they wanted high-grade thousand-year spirit souls. Wind wolves couldn’t satisfy anyone, and neither could blazing demon lions. This was only the second floor. Xie Xie was more than enough to handle a few hundred-year blazing demon lions.

The lions were still mid-roar when Xie Xie reached his first target. He soared into the air, his figure twisting to avoid the spewing flames before suddenly accelerating toward the lion. A second later, the lion went weak in its knees and collapsed.

A single dark spot could be seen on the lion’s back, the only sign that Xie Xie had stabbed it. His feet barely touched the ground before he rushed toward his next target.

Tang Wulin nodded approvingly. Xie Xie had grown more skilled at Ghost Shadow

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