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Chapter363 - Teasing

Yuanen Yehui turned to Tang Wulin, confusion in her eyes as she watched him direct his bluesilver grass.

“We’ll just restrain it for now to buy some time to rest and recover,” he explained as the grass slithered over to tie up the surviving ice bear. He then turned to Xu Xiaoyan. “Are you sure you want this one, Xiaoyan?”

The four ice bears had actually been quite powerful and could be considered top tier thousand-year soul beasts. Furthermore, these bears were of the three-thousand-year level, which was perfect for Xu Xiaoyan. She would be in danger if she absorbed a spirit soul that was too strong for her, so Tang Wulin wanted her to be certain.

And Xu Xiaoyan nodded immediately.

Even if there was a chance of encountering stronger ice-attribute soul beasts later on, she wasn’t tempted to try her luck. If they encountered such beasts, they would still have to defeat them. In addition to that, she would have to be strong enough to fuse with the resulting spirit soul. Desire was all well and good, but greed definitely wasn’t. Besides, she liked how fearsome the ice bears were. She had no doubt that fusing with one of their spirit souls would greatly increase her strength. She especially hoped to obtain their blizzard ability. With it, she would be able to exhibit a wider range of control and even work with Gu Yue.

“Quick!” Tang Wulin said to Xu Lizhi as he sat down. “Give me ten pork buns!”

Xu Lizhi rolled his eyes. “I don’t give buns away, I sell them! But… fine. I have a pork bun!”

Tang Wulin chuckled as he took the pork bun that appeared and devoured it. His stomach instantly converted the bun into a flood of blood essence that rapidly restored his reserves. After eating a few, Tang Wulin realized that each bun provided very little soul power. Considering the fact that they came from Xu Lizhi’s first soul skill, it made sense. The important thing was how they restored stamina. Soul masters usually disregarded physical stamina since soul power was far more potent, but Tang Wulin definitely didn’t. He could convert his stamina into blood essence, so these buns were perfect for him. Xu Lizhi’s first soul skill didn’t eat up too much of his soul power, so he was an excellent match for Tang Wulin.

The rest of the team quickly gathered by the tied up ice bear and began resting as well. Compared to the previous trials, the ninth exhibited a sharp increase in difficulty. The rest of the team understood that, if not for Tang Wulin’s quick decision-making, they would have been in trouble. The blizzard had drastically restricted their vision and only those with Purple Demon Eyes could see through the veil of swirling snow.

They had been quite lucky. Their team composition countered this trial.

Xu Xiaoyan walked over to the tied up ice bear, which now resembled a giant rice dumpling, and gently rubbed its head. “I’m sorry. I’m not sure if you’re real or if you’re an illusion, but I’

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