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Upon making this realization, she had communicated to Qiangu Dongfeng that she wanted to fight in the next match.

She naturally wasn't going to make the same mistake as Da Mo, so even though she was constantly pressuring Ye Xinglan with her attacks, she was also carefully appraising Ye Xinglan this entire time.

Much to her surprise, not only did Ye Xinglan possess extensive battle experience, she was very good at maximizing her advantages, and she was like an impregnable fortress. Throughout this entire match, her sword intent was constantly subdued, and even when counterattacking, she never allowed herself to overextend and give Li Mengjie any opportunities.

That short sword that Li Mengjie had just transformed into was her Demonic Maiden Sword, and it was able to devour the target's life force upon contact.

The life force of normal people was pointless to her; only the life energy of a young and exuberant Titled Douluo could replenish her needs.

However, Ye Xinglan had chosen to evade without any hesitation.

Now that Ye Xinglan was commencing her counterattack, Li Mengjie could clearly sense that she had already attained a sword soul, and that it definitely hadn't been attained only recently.

Was this power of the Shrek Academy's students?

Li Mengjie's eyes narrowed slightly in the face of this unexpectedly troublesome opponent.

However, what was quite encouraging to Li Mengjie was that Ye Xinglan had released her martial soul true body first. How long would she be able to maintain this form?

Abilities like martial soul true bodies and battle armor domains consumed a lot of energy, which was why it was generally accepted that the one who released such abilities first during battle were conceding a disadvantage, unless they could secure victory in one fell swoop like Xu Lizhi had just done.

As such, it was clear that Ye Xinglan was about to unleash an extremely powerful attack, and Li Mengjie could clearly sense that this attack was going to puse a huge threat to her! By her estimations, there was a very good chance that she wouldn't be able to withstand this attack unless she released her martial soul true body or battle armor.

In this situation, she immediately made a decision.

The Demonic Maiden reappeared, but was immediately dragged onto her own body, and the two figures combined, upon which a peculiar product emerged.

The body still belonged to the alluring Demonic Maiden, but the face attached to that body belonged to Li Mengjie, creating a rather chilling contrast.

A hint of struggle appeared in her eyes, and her wizened features began to warp and transform, as if she were struggling to become young and beautiful. However, in the end, only half of her face successfully transformed.

From the side, one could easily be forgiven for thinking that they were appraising a stunning beauty. However, from the front, one would discover that half of the face belonged to Li Mengjie, wh

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