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This was another woman who appeared to be in her twenties; wearing a white dress and a thin white veil over her face. The curves of her gorgeous figure were indistinctly visible through her thin white dress, and she reached a finger out toward the back of Ye Xinglan's head.

Another speck of starlight appeared behind Ye Xinglans head with unerring accuracy, and the finger was also forced back while Ye Xinglan's body suddenly took on an illusionary quality, right as a wizened palm flashed past her cheek.

In the blink of an eye, two exchanges had already taken place. The woman in white appeared silently behind Li Mengjie before disappearing into her body.

This was none other than Li Mengjie's Demonic Maiden martial soul.

It didn't appear as if Li Mengjie had used any soul skills, but her body suddenly left a trail of afterimages in its wake as she grabbed toward Ye Xinglan again.

At this point, Ye Xinglan's Stargod Sword had already appeared in her grasp, and she remained completely unflustered as she slashed her sword through the air, unleashing her second soul skill, Sword God Net.

Looking from down below, it was as if fireworks were flourishing up above, and the attack didn't release much power, but a hint of surprise appeared on Qiangu Dongfeng's face at the sight of it.

This was sword Qi that had had its essence completely restrained! It appeared to be harmless, but the sword Qi would only erupt upon contact.

Li Mengjie cackled as she thrust her finger forward over and over again, pointing directly at the points where the Sword God Net were connected. The Sword God Net was instantly taken apart, but the sword Qi it contained also instantly erupted, sending a string of ringing sounds reverberating through the air.

Li Mengjie faltered momentarily, and a speck of starlight arrived right before her like an illusion.

All of a sudden, the illusion vanished, and only one Li Mengjie was left in mid-air.

Between the index and middle fingers of her right hand held the tip of Ye Xinglan's Stargod Sword.

"Not bad at all!"

The pristine white figure reappeared, and she began to rotate on the spot, releasing a burst of powerful rotational force that dragged Ye Xinglan's body off to the side.

This was her Demonic Maiden Dance!

Ye Xinglan withdrew her Stargod Sword, and she rose up into the air as a dazzling sword projection to escape the influence of the rotational force. In the next instant, a speck of resplendent starlight descended from above.

This was her third soul skill, Sword Star Fall.

The Demonic Maiden Dance continued, and the vortex suddenly expanded before abruptly converging, seemingly in an attempt to devour and destroy the speck of starlight.

However, a storm of countless stars suddenly rained down from the heavens, completely illuminating the vortex.

This was Ye Xinglan's fourth soul skill, Sword Star Rain.

The Demonic Maiden rose up into the air, and the vortex v

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