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Following that interlude, the line was immediately reduced by as much as a third. After all, no one wanted to spend money for nothing, especially when this place was looking so shabby.

Another young boy arrived before the elderly man with his parents, and his mother placed 10 gold coins into the wooden box in a confident manner, while the young boy obediently offered his hand to the elderly man.

The elderly man held his hand for a moment, then said, "You're right at 12 years of age. Release your martial soul."

The young boy nodded, and faint green soul power was released out of his body alongside a yellow soul ring.

His martial soul also appeared alongside the hundred-year-old soul ring, and it was a thick vine that wound itself around his body.

This was clearly a plant system martial soul.

The elderly man shook his head upon seeing this. "He doesn't qualify; you can go now."

The confident expressions on the faces of the young boy's parents immediately stiffened upon hearing this, and the boy's mother asked, "Why? My son has always excelled in his elementary academy; don't you see that he has a hundred-year-old soul ring? There aren't many Soul Masters with such a soul ring at his age."

The elderly man replied, "That is indeed a hundred-year-old soul ring, but he's only an ordinary person."

The father's brows furrowed slightly upon hearing this. "I don't understand what you mean."

The elderly man stood up in an impatient manner before declaring to everyone in the line, "All of you should've done your homework before enrolling at Shrek Academy. Otherwise, you're just wasting your money. Don't you know the meaning behind the name of our Shrek Academy?"

Most of the registrants looked on with befuddled expressions.

The elderly man explained, "Shrek is a type of monstrous existence even among soul beasts. The reason why we've named our academy as such is because this is an academy of monsters, which means that we only accept monsters, not ordinary people. Those who are over 13 years of age or have yet to exceed rank 21 in soul power can leave now."

Yi Zichen's father still had no idea what was happening, but Yi Zichen and Teacher Li both felt a shiver run down their spines.

The old man was declaring this place to be Shrek Academy? But why was Shrek Academy so run-down and dilapidated? What exactly was this place?

They were unable to speak and could only spectate, while the elderly man seemed to be completely oblivious to their presence.

Right at this moment, bright red light erupted from the elderly man's body, and a long staff that was riddled with countless fine patterns appeared in his right hand.

Even more astonishingly, six soul rings had emerged from beneath his feet, comprised of one white, one yellow, three purples, and one black.

This old man had the appearance of an ordinary farmer, but he was a Soul Emperor!

Even in the entire kingdom, there were very few Soul Mas

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