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Chapter337 - Gorging

Feng Wuyu held Tang Wulin up anxiously, his right hand pressed onto his student’s chest as he poured soul power into him.

A scorching energy purified Tang Wulin’s meridians, setting his body at ease. However, the fatigue remained.

“You overdrafted your energy and might have injured your core. Just what is going on with you? People are usually as lively as a dragon when they break through, but you.” Feng Wuyu eyed Tang Wulin, his gaze peppered with doubt. “You look like you’re about to die.”

Tang Wulin forced out a bitter smile. “Teacher, I’m hungry. Can you get me some food? I’ll be fine once I’ve got something in my stomach.”

“Food? Okay, let’s go to the dining hall then.” Feng Wuyu helped Tang Wulin up. “Do you have some spare clothes? Or do you plan on going to the dining hall butt naked?”

He whipped out a new set of clothes from his storage ring and put them on in response. Absorbing his teacher’s soul power had made him feel significantly better. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t tired.

This time, he didn’t struggle at all when Feng Wuyu dashed off with him in tow, lacking the strength to do so. The dining hall had yet to close this evening. Feng Wuyu deposited Tang Wulin at a table and returned with food a moment later.

Tang Wulin’s eyes lit up at the sight of food. Unable to hold himself back any longer, he began stuffing his mouth.

This was all for a good cause though. The third seal’s tenacious nature exceeded the previous two’s, forcing Tang Wulin to go through a long battle before breaking it and absorbing the essence of the Golden Dragon King within. That same essence fused with his own blood essence, spreading to every corner of his body. Moreover, by the time he finished absorbing the power, his blood essence was depleted. As a result, he felt as if he had been starved for a month.

Feng Wuyu had happily brought Tang Wulin food. He took joy in the simple sight of Tang Wulin devouring everything he had brought and even wanted to praise his disciple’s eating prowess.

Twenty minutes later, however, his bright expression melted away into unadulterated shock. It was his first time witnessing Tang Wulin eat, his first time realizing what it meant for one to be a King of Gluttony! Despite the hill of empty plates littering the table, Tang Wulin showed no sign of slowing down. This was no stomach, but a bottomless pit! It didn’t bulge regardless of all the food he kept shovelling in.

Furthermore, the change in his vigor was almost jarring. Upon arriving at the dining hall, Tang Wulin had struggled to sit upright. But with each bite, he grew more spirited, and in turn, his eating pace quickened. Table manners were nowhere to be seen. The table was a battlefield, and Tang Wulin was winning.

Feng Wuyu finally understood why Tang Wulin had accepted him as his teacher once he agreed to pay his food expenses. Tang Wulin hadn’t lied. Since working students needed to

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