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Chapter320 - The Class Representatives

While the rest of the class filtered out of the room, Tang Wulin’s eyes glimmered with doubt as they settled upon Wu Zhangkong, who had been silent throughout the assembly. However, Wu Zhangkong did not so much as twitch his fingers.

What’s going on, Teacher Wu? You haven’t taught us once since we got here.

It didn’t make any sense to Tang Wulin, but he swallowed it up anyway, leaving quietly with Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan.

After stepping foot into the hall, Xie Xie broke into an immediate dash for his dorm He was eager to reflect upon what he had learned today, on the verge of making a breakthrough.

Xu Xiaoyan was the picture of uncertainty. “Captain, do you think I can thrive at Shrek? Everyone’s so amazing here.”

Although she had lasted to the end of the competition, it was due in large part to her cleverness. She had hidden herself in Luo Guixing’s team, then later reunited with her true teammates. It was only under their wing that she had lasted so long. As such, she understood well just how weak she was, especially during the day.

Tang Wulin responded with a reassuring smile. “Don’t underestimate yourself. You know, when my martial soul first awakened, it was just bluesilver grass! But I never gave up and moved forward step by step. And now, I’ve come all this way. You can do the same. Besides, your martial soul is an amazing variant. I’m confident once your soul rank is higher, you’ll be able to show off it’s true power. With your battlefield awareness and an improved martial soul, who knows how brightly you can shine?”

Xu Xiaoyan glowed. “Yeah. You’re right. I have to do my best and become stronger.”

Tang Wulin couldn’t help but laugh. “It’s good to see you don’t lose confidence in yourself that easily.” Her previously troubled expression was nowhere to be found. If her second profession was being an actor, then she’d be the class representative for that no doubt.

When they arrived at their dorm room, they found Xie Xie already meditating. Tang Wulin joined him without skipping a beat. Lunch was approaching, but he couldn’t let even a second go to waste.

By lunchtime, the class representatives for the first grade were settled. Gu Yu became the designer representative, holding two positions like Tang Wulin. He found out later from Yang Nianxia that she was a fourth-rank designer. She had never bothered to tell him.

Numerous people chose to walk the path of a mecha designer, yet she had managed to beat everyone else in their class. It was clear how skilled she was.

The maker seat went to Luo Guixing, who was at the peak of the third rank. That wasn’t to say he had no competition; Xu Yucheng fought fiercely with him for that position, to the point where Lu Guixing had almost lost.

Despite what her beauty suggested, Wu Siduo was actually a skilled mechanic. She took the crown of mechanic representative.

Mechanics weren’t to be looked down upon. T

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