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Chapter326 - Fury

As soon as Xie Xie’s Twin Dragon Storm collided with the sword lights, a boom tore through the air. The explosion sent him crashing into the dormitory’s wall.

The girl’s eyes gleamed with killing intent as she pressed her attack.

Suddenly, a burst of golden light erupted, bright and blinding, as if a miniature sun had descended from the skies. An arrogant chuckle cut through the air. “I didn’t think you’d try your hand at killing a student at night. I’m really curious what excuses you have this time.”

As the radiant figure reached the ground, his brilliance dispelled the murky darkness. A pair of white wings unfurled to protect Xie Xie from the girl. It was Yue Zhengyu.

Something blazed in his eyes as he stared the red-haired girl down. “Let’s see if you can run away again this time.”

The girl shot a cold glare at him. “Screw off.” Despite how pleasant her voice sounded, the intensity of her killing intent was as palpable as ever.

Yue Zhengyu snorted. “So you’ve finally revealed your true colors as an evil soul master! How could a Fallen Angel possibly be anything but evil? Today, I’ll judge you in place of the heavens!”

His second soul ring lit up and a sword brimming with holy light materialized in his hand. Compared with the girl’s blade, the embodiment of darkness and a mixture of shadowy violet tones, Yue Zhengyu’s sword seemed entirely the opposite: radiant and golden. It was a sacred weapon created to banish evil.

She scoffed at his display, her eyes bottomless pits. “Do you really think I’m afraid of you?” In the blink of an eye, a third purple soul ring appeared beneath her and her aura thickened and soared.

Yue Zhengyu went on high alert, heart thumping and ears straining. He flapped his wings, absorbing the light element energy in the air. It struck him that this girl might possess a soul skill that concealed her true cultivation level. Perhaps during the day, he could defeat her with complete confidence. But it was currently nighttime, the domain of darkness-attribute soul masters. Moreover, her cultivation base was equal to his.

All of a sudden, three people arrived on scene—Tang Wulin, Gu Yue, and Xu Xiaoyan.

Noticing the crumpled body of his friend on the ground, Tang Wulin rushed to Xie Xie’s side.

“Are you alright?” Tang Wulin asked gravely.

Before Xie Xie could respond, Yue Zhengyu interjected, “Don’t you see? Under the cover of night, this Fallen Angel snuck into the Academy to attack us working students. Tang Wulin, what are you waiting for? Help me defeat her and bring her to the administration for judgement.”

When Tang Wulin saw blood trickling out of the corner of Xie Xie’s mouth, his expression turned grim. His friend had been injured! This was unforgivable.

After taking another glance at the mysterious girl, he recognized who she was. He marched over to Yue Zhengyu’s right and Gu Yue walked to his left. Xu Xiaoyan stood in front of Xie Xie

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