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Chapter341 - Sparring

Tang Wulin smiled bitterly. “Count me out. I have too many things to do and not a second to spare. I’ve missed a lot of class after all.” More than ever before, Tang Wulin felt pressed for time. He had to keep pace with the intense lectures at Shrek Academy, and now that he had three soul rings, there were two blacksmith teachers waiting to guide him. He’d be damned if he let a second go to waste .

“Alright then.” Xu Xiaoyan giggled. “What kind of spirit soul do you guys think I should get this time? I have plenty of money, and Big Sis Gu Yue said she could snatch me a discount.”

Tang Wulin thought for a moment. “It’s best to get a spirit soul that’s compatible with you. Of course, since it also depends on the selection available, chance will play a large factor in this. Good luck.”


Before they could say anything else, Shen Yi arrived on the platform and approached the lectern. “Let’s begin class.”

Tang Wulin whipped his head around to find her staring right at him. Taking the cue, he shot up like a rocket from his seat and shouted, “Stand up!”

The entire class rose with him. “Good morning, Teacher.”

Shen Yi nodded, satisfied. “Take your seats.”

Her gaze moved from Tang Wulin to the rest of the class, sharp and discerning like a hawk’s. “Today we’re having combat class. You’ll be fighting together in your mecha making groups. You won’t be sparring with each other, but with either me or Teacher Wu. Group leaders, lead your groups out! We’re leaving now.” Shen Yi and Wu Zhangkong made for the door without a second glance.

A combat class?

The thought left Tang Wulin shocked. Then excitement practically bubbled out of his chest. After all, he’d just received his third ring and shattered another Golden Dragon King seal. If not for his potent self-control, Tang Wulin would have rushed out of his seat, eager to test out his new strength.

I wonder how combat class will be at Shrek? My group only has four people and we’ll be going against Teacher Shen and Teacher Wu… However, we’re much stronger than the other groups. We also have Wu Siduo and her four rings. The rest of us have three rings. In fact, Wu Siduo’s soul fusion skill is already as powerful as an entire group combined!

The sparring arena sat on the south side of the school building’s first floor. After passing through a wide corridor, the students found themselves in the large circular arena. It was over one hundred meters in diameter, with all sorts of machines lining the perimeter for recording battles, analyzing said battles, and acting as safeguards in case of accidents.

Unlike where they had fought it out for the class presidency, this was a genuine sparring arena!

While injuries inflicted in the virtual battlefield also made their way into reality, the danger of death did not loom above the students. They could not die in there and as such fought more aggressively, taking more risks than

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